Would you buy a 2 Year domain not indexed in google?

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Just wondering if its worthe buying a 2 year old domain that are still not indexed in google? Will I be ok for linkbuilding vs getting a new domain? Thanks..
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      I agree with Waddle, aged domains give an advantage (but probably a relatively small one).

      Only do it if the price is comparable to that of a new domain.
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    I suppose the question to ask is,

    If a domain was purchased 2 years a go but was never used and is not currently indexed by google... how old is that domain in the eyes of google?

    Is it when google first crawls a site or it's registration date?

    I do not have an answer for this.

    I suspect it's when google first crawls the site which means that 2 year old domain will be viewed as a brand new domain and you're not getting an age benefit from it.

    I'm all about that bass.

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  • I would buy it if it was cheap and if it had keywords I wanted. It really all depends on what the price is and if it will do well in the search engines.
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    The price is small double of what you would pay for a new domain, but the question remains will it still benefit as an age domain??
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    I'd do some serious background checks on it first and be asking some questions about its history like; what was it used for? Where was it hosted? What sites did it link to? etc to find out why it wasn't indexed in Goolge (or if it had been, and was blacklisted).
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      I would say if it not crawled then change it make it more simple and related to your services after making a research over it because now its a long time.
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    I wouldn't buy it.. if you buy it and enter a new whois info (even if its private) google will know and the age will be reset
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    It seems that these domains are only registered and any script didn't installed on them so Google didn't index them. I only buy them if they really have good names for my keywords and in other cases, i prefer to register a new domain. Its only my opinion.

    I love warriorforum.

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    old domain are always good to go unless they are not banned or having problem with the crawlers.
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      Google does not care about nor know the age of a domain.
      There is no man behind the curtain to pay no attention to.

      Google cares about what people have done or not done with their
      websites. Domains by themselves are meaningless, actually.

      You always take a chance when buying a "used" domain. If the
      domain was never used or developed, it's a clean slate.

      I have never had any problem tweaking words to get the domain of
      my choice.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    maybe it's sandboxed

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    I would be be scared. Check if the domain has external links pointing to it. If it does then be afraid that it got banned. If it is a pretty big website also on other major search engines again be afraid!

    If you want a link here please email me!

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