Which one is better,SEO Link Robot or Article Marketing Robot?

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I've been considering to purchase one of these softwares, SEO Link Robot & Article marketing Robot. I know that they both do different link building. AMR is more on article marketing & SLR is more on web 2.0 but the price is double to that of AMR.

Any thoughts for those who bought this 2 softwares. Which one do you think is better in increasing your rankings in the serps? Or maybe you could recommend a better seo software?
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    Just an opinion for what it's worth;
    AMR does get your article out there and in my opinion article marketing with quality articles is the cornerstone of building good serps ranknings.

    Google likes content everyone knows that much, so why argue with the 800 pound Gorilla when you can just give the monkey a banana instead.

    As for as the other software? Never used it.
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    My 0.02, I haven't personally used AMR but I hear nothing but good things from my IM group. As for web 2.0 link building, Bookmarking Demon is the beez kneez, but having said that you really have to know what you're doing with that software. Very easy to trip up with BD and cause more problems than it's worth.

    There's some Bookmarking Demon geniuses kicking around Warrior though, so you can always get some advice on how to use it properly here.

    Oh, and expect to get the usual suspects in this thread saying things like "automated software sux" and the like, and they do have a point. But their points are usually based on their own inexperience and lack of education in the proper use of such software if you ask me. When used to their full potential, bookmarking demon, AMR, and others can allow a little guy compete properly with the big dawg keywords. I've seen it happen more than a few times.

    Just sayin'.
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    Article Marketing Robot is better because it a completely automated backlink building tool to help drive your website to the top of the search engine rankings.
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      I own both and I think both are necessary. Use SEO Link Robot to build some web 2.0's and then backlink those web 2.0 sites you created using AMR. Don't just post one article on your web 2.0 blogs and then move on to the next one.

      The better way to do it would be to put at least 3 articles on each of your web 2.0 blogs with maybe a picture or video in each post. Occasionally I also link out to an authority site that is related to my niche in some way. Then backlink each of those blog posts on the web 2.0 sites with AMR. You can also backlink those with blog comments, profile links, and social bookmarks.

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    you cannot compare AMR and Seo Link Robot (or Senuke etc.) for that matter.

    Those tools serve a pretty different purpose. With SLR/Senuke you can make web2.0 properties and a lot other stuff, AMR is for article submission. BOTH are very good but a comparison doesnt make a lot of sense.
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    I've been hearing nothing but goodness about that program. It's not only built many backlinks for webmasters, but also legitimately boosted search engine rankings for many. I'm considering seeing for myself what it can do!
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    Here's my comments:

    1.) AMR - Is good for Article Marketing Submission, its better than any other article markeitng software IMHO

    2.) SEO Link Robot - I just used this since last week and easy to use compare to Magic Submitter and SENuke, but you have to spend some time for captcha except if you are going to buy captcha service.

    3.) Both of them are good, if you know exactly what you were doing.
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