What are the best SEO Books?

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What would you say are the top 5 books?
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    Everything is on the internet for free, I wouldn't bother buying a book about SEO because it's not an exact science and it does changes from day to day.
    But a good start will be the official one from Google http://www.google.com/webmasters/doc...rter-guide.pdf
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    These are good SEO book that I know:

    The Art of SEO - It contains over 500 pages of Search engine Optimization strategy, and other tactics from popular industry authors. Although specific tweaks in the search engines' algorithm happen constantly, this is a solid foundation SEO book that won't be outdated.

    Marketing in the Age of Google - It is a great executive-level explanation of SEO. It illustrates important concepts of search engines and SEO at a level that is easy to understand for clients who are new to SEO.

    Let Go of the Words - It's tempting for SEO to jam keywords into headlines, images captions and other places on the page. It shows you everything your visitors are expecting from you.

    Web Analytics 2.0 - It is the definite guide to understanding Google analytics, Yahoo Analytics or just about any other tool you might be using. SEOs would be nothing without their web analytics packages.
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    I will suggest you to read top seo blogs on internet. you can find thru Google because it is the process of continue reading , discussing and implementing.
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      I use google's webmasters guide for SEO.
      It's always helpful for me to provide useful information about SEO.
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    I used google's webmasters guide for SEO. And I got many information from this. So I think it is the beast.
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      meet you again....
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    Nice one, thanks everyone!

    I am getting the The Art of SEO for Christmas! I can not wait!
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    Google Seo E-book is the best one.....
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    Thanks for that mate!
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    Hi, i my personal experience the best seo ebook i have ever read is call ''seo mindset'' written by brad callen a well knwn seo expert. you can get more info on this ebook here.
    Brad Callen's Affiliate Elite | Affiliate Marketing Software

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    In the end I got The Art of SEO, which I like very much!
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    1. The Art Of SEO
    2. Marketing in the Age of Google
    3. Web Analytics 2.0
    4. Don't Make Me Think
    5. Letting Go Of The words
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      use the forums and start with the warrior forum you will find plenty of great tips
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    Google Started Guide for Webmaster is best SEO book ever
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    No SEOBOOK.com? As books go, I'd for reading the top blogs and resources on the web. You don't want to read something stating or outdated.

    I'm an internet marketer and entrepreneur. I work down at ZME Media.

    On twitter? Follow me!

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    Try Link Liberation from Dan Theis and Leslie Rodhe
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