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I am using a site an instant traffic sharing site. I could generate huge traffic numbers for free but it would be untargeted traffic.

I do not see that I would make any money from it as the traffic is way to general and everyone is just visiting my site to get a credit I just wondered if there would be any other benefits to having huge traffic.

The one positive thing is all traffic is human so I guess there could be a chance that I get adsense clicks but that is also just a wild wish.
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    It depends on the bounce rate if the bounce rate is too high it could have negative SEO Benefits as the site might appear to have no value to users.
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    There are many different benefits depending on the purpose of the website. Every website will benefit from the traffic generated from search engine optimizing. The more traffic to your site means more chances for the sale of a product or something. This will mean more opportunities for income. A good website will bring in a high percentage of visitors who are looking for exactly what is on your website. I suggest that just continue to optimize your site.
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    yes traffic is beneficial for SEO because more traffic increase the chance of more conversion.
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      Hi Cathy,

      While I'm sure that there is some real human traffic on twiends I wouldn't be so sure that most of your traffic is from humans. I suspect that much, perhaps most of that traffic comes from bots that simulate humans. Since these types of programs are designed to be hard to detect, it makes it very difficult to assess the how much is real and how much is fake.
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    It is my understanding that any benefit from this increased traffic would be coincidental. Random traffic like that will decrease your click through rate, I personally would avoid using traffic programs such as what you are talking about. Focus on traditional SEO methods in my opinion.

    I know sedo regularly bans people for questionable traffic, I would assume the same things can happen with programs like adsense etc.

    Good luck!
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