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This is just a quick one,

My mum & dad had a basic website done for their b&b, I am not sure that the SEO is correct.

Can anyone advise if there is anything missing or I should have them add?:

Rosebank Argyll Bed & Breakfast,B&B, Self Catering Accomodation Lochgilphead Kilmartin Argyll

Thanks in advance for any comments.
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    Looks basic enough - what sort of advice are you looking for?
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    Wondering about the Search Engine Optimisation and if it is correct as there is not much of a ranking on Search Engines, wondering if there is something wrong that my mum & dad have not got right or if titles keywords are wrong that they are not getting ranked on search engines as they should.

    Or am I wrong? I do not know a lot about SEO.

    Thanks for the reply
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      If you want targeted visitors from the search engines you'll have to do a bit of keyword research. What keywords searchers could be using to find information related to your site? Searches for the town, neighbouring towns,tourist attractions,other B&B's in the area, street names, ... .
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        Sorry to be a pain - but - get them to spell accommodation correctly!

        As for the SEO - which program did they use to design the site? I ask, because some have a built in feature of adding your keywords.

        B&B sites are my mini speciality. Make sure you include the phrases you think people will use to find you. For example, Rosebank B&B Argyll (for people who know you and want to find just you), B&B Kilmartin (or whatever is the local town), bed breakfast Kilmartin, accommodation kilmartin, self catering kilmartin.

        Keyword tools are unlikely to help much as you are in a very narrow field, but one which you can target exactly.

        PM me if you want more help, or take at a look at this or this.
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    at first glance the title tag is bit long you want it to be kept well under 70 characters, to be precise something like 63. that was stomper net taught me.
    also you don't have unique title or meta tags for each page. The idea is to create multiple entry point rather than just your home page with different targeted keywords of course.

    try not to use nested table in your HTML codes, they are consider search engine unfriendly and may increase page load time, a factor affecting site search ranking and also user tends NOT to stay with a site that has long loading time. you can use css instead when re-designing the web site.

    that's about it at the moment

    hopes that help
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    I guess the site isn't getting enough traffic?

    It's not really optimised for seo purposes, the meta keywords have just been thrown in as an afterthought. The self catering page has only 22 words on it so getting that page ranked for anything would be tricky.

    Simply, I'd say that the major keyword that it would be useful to rank for would be "self catering argyll" which gets 170 searches per month and has 3050 competing pages in

    Basic seo needs applying to the site, but there are probably easier ways to get traffic.

    Analyse the top 5 or so sites that you want to compete against. Find out where their backlinks caome from and request links from the same sites.

    Approach all the local/regional/scotland tourist sites for a backlink. Get listed on google local search for "self catering argyll"

    Find the authority sites that do have traffic and buy advertising.

    You could always try PPC for instant traffic.

    As a matter of interest, how much did the designers charge for that? and has any SEO work been done? What are the existing traffic levels and for which keywords?


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      You also may want to target hotels, motels for your area. Many people are looking for places to stay and if they see a nice bed and breakfast spot when they search for hotel/motel they may give you a call for a reservation.

      Largemouth Herald

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    I would advise:

    - using the Google keyword tool to check that all your main keyword phrases are being searched on regularly & to find possible alternatives.
    - add a heading tag (i.e. H1 tag) to your main page and include your keywords. Your home page currently has no H1 or H2 tags
    -mention your keywords in your alt tags. At the moment they don't have descriptions or keywords within them
    - ensure each of your main keyword phrases are mentioned a couple of times on the page, but keep it natural and don't overdo it
    - Work on getting some good backlinks, perhaps from websites from local attractions in your area, by writing and distributing a short article about the area to some article directories, or by distributing an online press release.

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    Thanks for the replies so far, I will pass on to my mum & dad
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      Hi Tommy -
      The first thing that I would do is be certain they're listed in Google Maps.

      They can sign up here -

      They'll need a Google account first. Once that's done, be sure that they claim their listing. This is so important!

      This will help visitors locate them within their area. Plus, if it's a highly searched on phrase within their locale the Google Maps listings will show up at the top of the page above the natural search results.

      I'm not sure if your family caters to just the local market or not, but speaking from someone from the States who isn't all that well-traveled, I haven't the faintest clue where the locations of the B&B are. I had to search around to find out that it's in Scotland? Is that correct?

      When they mention "Kilmartin Glen" this doesn't mean anything to me. I would suggest that they add some broader terms to their text to help describe where exactly they're located.

      Hope that helps!
      Techy Bigmouth at who loves coffee. Feel free to send me some.
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