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It seems that everyone has been discussing about search engine optimization tips for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. However, no one has been discussing about ways a webmaster can prepare their website for the Facebook's new search engine, Open Graph.

I just wanted to take the time to show webmasters what they can do to optimize their webpages for this new search engine to try and benefit from it, especially since it is still in it's earliest stages of being a search engine.

I took the time to write up how a webmaster can optimize for Facebook Open Graph.

If there is something to add or you thought the tutorial was helpful, feel free to add on to the discussion.
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    Reputation Drivers:
    On-page factors (incl meta data), and
    anchor text of incoming links
    Authority Drivers:
    Quantity and quality of links

    Reputation Drivers: Open Graph tags (meta data), see:
    Authority Drivers:
    Quantity of “Likes”
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    Thanks for bringing some thing new
    I always well come the new
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      I like Facebook for sharing ,chat , transaction files ,videos and pictures on it .I think Facebook is not SEO it can work like SEO.
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        I've noticed a recent change in Google in that they are showing far more sitelinks (the links under a listing in Google to different pages of the same domain) for the 1st ranked site than they used to. One page I've seen had 12 sitelinks under it. That's so many that there was only ONE other search result under the first site. Obviously, it makes a lot of sense to try to get more sitelinks under your site. With sitelinks, it's pretty easy to push down your competition so far that users don't even see them.

        Now you're probably wondering why I posted in this thread. Knowing how important sitelinks can be to SEO, I am really curious as to HOW Google seems to choose the title of sitelinks. Google seems to choose arbitrarily. From what I can tell, it has little or nothing to do with standard meta tags, the title attribute, the page name (i.e. "index.php" or "links.htm", etc.). However, I noticed for a couple sites using Open Graph meta tags, the meta property "og:title" was almost always the same as the title of the sitelink. Is this a coincidence? Am I grasping at straws? Or could making the "og:title" meta tag of a page help Google identify the title for the sitelink?
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