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If money were no object -- okay, realistically it's always a consideration -- but let's say that you've got more money available to spend than time. You've got a site with "almost there" SEO rankings (like page 2 or 3 for most keywords), but competitors are just kicking your butt with more backlinks than you've got, and your site is dropping in rank. You've got to catch up somehow. You can pay for WHATEVER the SEO solution is, you just have to do something to kick it up a notch. Especially those backlinks.

You could hire someone in the Philippines to help with backlinks. Drawback is the training time for such a person.

You could buy a tool -- what is the best one? SENuke? Drawback is that you'd probably be the one running it (time)?

You could hire an SEO firm. Drawback: expensive, and hard to find a legitimate company that will actually deliver. Besides, you've got the site content and programming under control with your writers - no one needs to touch it. It's mainly those backlinks.

What would you do? Especially for getting lots of solid backlinks?
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    I would suggest looking at the following techniques:

    1)Link bait -- Infographics are great in this regard


    3)Viral content -- Create unique and brilliant content and spread it virally through social media

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    Build My Rank + PostRunner + Outsourcing content + Human ReWriter System
    Affiliate Bum Marketing Friendly Article Directory

    Use as affiliate landing link for Ezine Articles and less clutter for your articles than squidoo. Totally free and more features to come!
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      Get high PR backlinks. You want them to have actual PR on the page. Homepage Backlinks have had the biggest impact on my sites. Both in terms of time, cost, and SERP impact.
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        Well you did mention - money not a consideration.

        When we do SEO for clients it's without doubt that they want to be top of page 1 on decent keywords (not longtail). I can argue conversion but it seems that chunky 2-word keywords are favourites in a client's eyes.

        The way we get people to top of page 1 in this respect is to use special backlinks that we have to negotiate. Not articles, or dir subs, nor bookmarks - real links. They are difficult to find and therefore expensive. However they will allow my clients to compete on keywords with a range of 5million to 300million competing pages.
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    You can use some SEO tools like SEnuke.

    You can also do the article marketing, web 2.0, social bookmarking, and link building.
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    If money were no object -- then I'll definitely focus with these three:

    - Contests (blogging contests, and specifically target influential bloggers to participate to absorb more traffic from them, gain more natural links as they promote it through their own networks, and of course acquiring exceptional content from the experts)

    - High-end Link bait (hire a research team with statistician, graphic artist, copywriter, SEO that will do the outreach and content promotion)

    - App building (build applications to give more incentives to those who'll link to you and/or attract more linkers)

    Co-founder and CEO of Grit and Xight Interactive. Author of Kaiserthesage. Follow me on Twitter @jasonacidre

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    I would pay for an advertisement or blog post on a VERY high traffic site if money were no object. There are lots of deals available in the $1000+ range where you are guaranteed a high volume of traffic. In many cases this is also an SEO friendly link, but getting the buzz going is going to help your SEO regardless.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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