Have Article Marketing Robot and Social Bot...What other PROVEN automated software should I add.

by derh
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Have these two... and I'm wanting to possibly purchase a few more automated tools to help speed my backlinking process....

What else should I add to this mix (THAT IS PROVEN to WORK!!) to create a deadly combination??
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    You should add Seo Link Robot to your arsenal. It's a powerful tool for your seo campaign.
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    Hey Derh (maybe that's not your first name....anyways)

    If you want a deadly combination, and I mean truly deadly try this.

    Use AMR and backlink to YouTube videos or another video uploaded on a popular video sharing site. Videos are literally 50x more likely to rank well on the first page than any other form of content.

    Then I could add in Onlywire which is a mass social bookmarking program that bookmarks to over 35 bookmarking directories.

    To give you an idea of the power of this, I have seen YouTube videos with about 100-200 backlinks (done mostly with article submitter program) outrank a website that had 2000 backlinks to that page. The videos of course have to mention the keyword in the title, description and as tags.

    Hope that helps!

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    ~For every service you need

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    I'd go with one of the great all-in-one tools, either Senuke and Magic Submitter, and those two are truely great, almost nothing else compares.

    I don't want to say that SEO Link Robot is the poor man's SEnuke or MS, it's incredible value for a one-time fee, and it's constantly being updated to compete with the others, but the social bookmarking feature is weak, and only allows one set of social bookmarking accounts to be used at a time, which will get suspended quickly if you link like me .

    I also really recommend Automatic Backlink Creator, which involves a network of over 2000 user submitted blogs that your articles will be posted to. Well, it depends on your niche, but you should get at least 100 postings per article, maybe several hundred for popular niches, and it's qrowing all the time as each member must add at least one blog, so we're all helping each other out! We each install an ABC sidebar widget and our links are rotated each time the page refreshes on everyone's widget. I've checked my backlinks, and this does work to gradually build links, in spite of their impermanence. It also pings and indexes the sites added to the system to improve crawl rates, and it works, I'm getting 10 new Yahoo backlinks a day from one site I'm linking to with just that product, and it's only $15 a month on WSO!!!

    I'm literally signing up to AMR right now to replace Unique Article Wizard, which I've been frankly unimpressed by. I haven't seen much of an improvement in ranking for the sites I used with it and it costs $67 a month! Can't wait to see what all the fuse is about with AMR...
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    I say that you should pick up a copy of ScrapeBox. It is a fantastic software that I have running all the time.

    Another handy tool to have is Sick submitter. Version 3 was just released. This software does a lot. My only complaint is that it is on the slow side.

    There is a software in beta at the moment called Scrapeboard. This software is a forum profile creator by the makers of scrapebox. If it comes close to scrapebox it will be a must have when it is released.

    I also use linxboss. It is pricey and I would definitely go for sick and sb first but if you have the cash then I recommend Linxboss too.
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