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First of all thank you for taking a moment to read this question. I'm new to the whole world of IM and I'm learning something every minute. But I'm a little confused and want to clarify a few things before I throw any more money at domains/sites.

My goal is to setup micro niche sites focused on specific products and monatize the site using Adsense ads and mixing in some Amazon ads as well.

I've done a lot of research using both Market Samurai and Google Keyword Tool and have one specific niche I was looking at. At first glance the niche looked really good to me. But the more I studied it the more I started questioning if it was actually as good as I was thinking.

The top keyword, which is the broad keyword is getting the following results.

Global broad - 27,100
Global exact - 4,400
MarketSam - Searches (exact) - 145
SEOT - 61
AWCPC - $2.80
AWV - $25.20
SEOV - $170.12

I'm including those extra numbers in there because I was keeping those in mind while searching.

A more specific keyword in that niche has the following:

Global broad - 1,600
Global exact - 480
MarketSam - Searches (exact) - 16
SEOT - 7
AWCPC - $2.19
AWV - $0
SEOV - $14.52

I want the niche site to start bringing in some cash each month and I'm not looking for something big. This is more experimenting with how it all works. So if it brings in $20 a month or more, I'm ok with that.

So if you were looking for a micro niche, does this fit in a good or bad result for you? When you're researching, what numbers are you targeting or should I be targeting?

And finally one last question. When looking at the SEO competition on these keywords, I'm finding that none of the keywords have any competition by any other micro niche sites. The competition in the top 10 results are all either shopping sites like Amazon, Target, etc or Large Niche sites like for example

Would I be crazy to go against those types of sites for specific keywords or are those easy sites to outrank on specific keywords? I know that in the Market Samurai video tutorials they show you that in their results, the sites that are 'red' are high competition and that you want 'green' colored sites for competition. But typically when I see green sites, those are micro niche sites, and they are usually well done or don't look like I could out rank them very easily.

It's 2 long winded questions, but I hope someone can make it a little clearer for me. Thanks in advance!
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    Hi Steve,

    I would start by aiming for something a little higher than 16 exact per day. You can postive results from it but if you dig a bit deeper you should find some better ones. I like to aim for around 1000/month exact as a minimum (I have and do go lower but for starting out I would aim for a bit more traffic so there is more room for error). The number 1 spot for a keyword that gets 1000 searches per month will usually get more traffic than a keyword sitting around #6 that gets 8000 searches per month.

    Broad searches give a good indication of the scope of the niche but not so great for search or potential search traffic for a specific page. Use phrase as a backup to exact. If the Phrase searches are high then you have potential for getting more out of your page with long tails. (Try and get these long tails into you article for even more traffic.)

    Use the broad searches to know if you can make more pages for your mini site...if you get my drift.

    Once you have found a keyword that has the traffic you want you need to do your competition analysis - which you appear to have a good grasp on already. The shopping sites you mentioned are easy to pick off if they lack backlinks, or quality backlinks. They get the higher PR due to internal linking on a strong domain. This gives them the appearance of being unbeatable. They can be beaten.

    Make sure the top 10 have a low PR ( < 3 ) and low BLP (< 20 ). You'll find these easy to get to #1 on.

    Predicting the CTR and CPC you will get from AdSense is difficult and is really a judgement call. If other people aren't advertising for the product then it will be hard to get relevant ads. You will find that people are less likely to click on irrelevant ads and the CPC will be lower.

    Visit another page that has Adsense on it and is in your niche or about your product. See what the ads are about and make a call from there.

    Don't be afraid to experiment. You will start to get a feel for which keyword you can and can't rank for with the more sites you make.
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    The first one does not look to shabby. I would build a small niche site around that if it wasn't much work.


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    Thank you for your input. This is very beneficial and does help me keep focused correctly. I'll dig a little deeper and see if I can fit a little better into those numbers you mentioned. I'll put these that I've already found into a pile for later consideration.

    I also checked out your website and materials Fraggler. I'll read those today and see if I can learn any more. Thanks!
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      The first keyword stats look pretty good. What also counts obviously is the SEO competition, so you need to take a look at the back links of the top 10 sites on Google. Market Samurai lets you do this in the SEO module. All you need to do then is get more quality back links than them and you should be in business. The key is patience.
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    Patience! How can I have patience when I want to see results right now! <ends temper tantrum> Grin!

    Yes, I am learning patience all the time with this process. The problem with the first results is that it's a very broad category, similar to something like 'towel rack'. Not that exactly but something like that. The other results were more specific, like 'heated towel rack'.

    I'm digging some more and doing more research on keywords. Seeing if I can find something that has a little more activity, but I'm still open to more suggestions and information. Thanks for the input. Keep it coming!
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      I did a little more research last night, but I got so discouraged. Especially after I read a post about how exact domains seem to be saturated at this point. The frustrating part is that since I'm new to IM and just getting on the bandwagon, it appears that I'm at the tail end of the latest thing. Instead of getting in on the middle or front.

      So it makes me ask the question to myself, am I spinning my wheels? Or just keep pressing on and it will come together with work. Sorry to rant but I'm just not seeing results yet even though I've invested hours and hours of time. If I just saw some results I think it would make it all better.
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    SEOT of 61 looks a bit low to me. I would try aiming for something with 80 or higher. What about the competition?
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      Ok, I think I have a good niche possibility but I thought maybe I'd post screen shots from Market Sam and see what you all think. Does this look like a good fit for a micro niche site that might grow into a bigger site if it does well down the road?

      And again, this is an effort on my part to help me better understand what is a good result and what would be better off moving on and finding something else. I should mention that this keyword search is for a 2 word keyword and I could purchase a domain that has the keyword, but with The at the beginning. (ie.,

      This is SEO competition result for the keyword in question:

      And this is SEO competition results for the keyword with an S on the end.

      This is the keyword research information on the primary keyword, exact searches:

      And finally this is keyword research information with broad searches.

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    Anyone have any input on the screenshots I left above? Would love to get some feedback. Thanks!
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