from #12 in Google to NOT RANKING?

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I'm still very new to IM and have received much help on this forum already. I've followed advice to get my site indexed (thank you everyone) and to start building backlinks consistently (every day). I checked in Market Samurai 2 days ago and my site was at #12 for my primary keyword and #82 for my secondary keyword which I was super excited about and motivated me to keep building these backlinks every day. I checked today and I am now NOT RANKING for either of the keywords. I thought this was perhaps just a glitch in Market samurai, so I typed in my keywords to google and sure enough- I'm off the map! What happened? I've only been building 2 -7 backlinks per day (some of these are to article directories and have not even gotten accepted yet) The site is a few months old. I feel like there is some secret "key" to unlock this internet marketing puzzle and I don't have it! Any advice from experienced marketers is much appreciated here. Thanks so much!
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    Your website is new, Google needs to give your website a place. Yet, I recommend waiting to build backlinks to your own website next time. Google might see this as spsam since your website is new (these are my own theory's) Try to do it the 'natural' way the first few months next timr.

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      no special secrets but simply hard work
      keep building back links, add high quality content, these are the 2 most important things to promote your site
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      Originally Posted by daangertenaar View Post

      Yet, I recommend waiting to build backlinks to your own website next time. Google might see this as spsam since your website is new
      I partly agree
      For new websites its not recommended to have tons of back links in a short time (yea - feels spammy) BUT if he add 1-2 back links a day it will definitely help
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    I see newer sites appear pretty high in the SERPS, only to fall back to a "normal" level shortly after. THe only answer is continued link building.
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    hey stannmaple.. from what you're describing, its something called the "Google Dance"...

    After your website gets indexed, it comes up high on the search results, stays there for a few days and then begins to bounce all over the place. This is google trying to determine the right place for your webpage for that particular keyword. This is also a way for google to determine if you're in this for the long haul.

    Eventually, your website will settle down on a position where it will stay and it will rise gradually from there if you continue your link building. It can take anywhere from 14 days to 6 months to come back up...

    What you need to do now is to keep building your links at the same pace that you currently are creating. 6-7 links a day is ok for your new site. Keep the pace and it will most likely be back in a week or two.

    The quickest that one of my sites came back up was I think 4 days while there is one that been bouncing around for the last 2 months... Most will settle in 7-14 days though...

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    I would say not to be discouraged. Keep working on your site. May be you need to look at your site again.

    I have been reading an eBook on SEO which I recommend to everyone and it is free. You can get it here: The Best Free SEO Tips On The Internet |

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    Basically you need to update your sites links and content.
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