Am I the only fool looking for exact name domains?

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Am I wasting valuable keywords by bypassing keywords where I can only find exact match domains? Is it worth getting exact match domains even if it is a .ORG?
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    .org has a better "fit" for blogs or niches NOT of a product. Does not mean it wont still rank or anything but as a trust site, its rare to find a GOOD product under a .org makes me wonder why they could not get the ,com
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    In my experience the more relevant the domain name the better. An exact match if at all possible from a .com .net or .org. I've enjoyed success with also.

    I find it does help tremendously for SEO purposes though that said great content and traffic from other sources than search engines is still all part of the mix.


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      I've had great success using domains.
      Yes, with the hypen, and using .com / .net / .org / .us TLDs.

      With the domain, I do the following:

      1. Specific Key Term AS the title, use Specific Key Term and related terms (below) in desc tag.
      2. Get one pr4/5/6 link, and slowly build up lots of inexpensive links with the anchor text
      3. Use all the normal on-page optimization best practices. Use the Google tilde trick to find the related words to your key term, and include them all in the body text, and in anchor text of links off your home page to internal pages, where possible.

      Obviously, if you can find an aged domain, out of sandbox, and with links, saves a bunch of time, and ranks easier, but the above is shortest route to ranking for a converting term in your niche.

      Google tilde trick for "Specific Key Term":
      ~specific - specific, look for all the BOLDED terms, those are related to specific
      ~key -key - specific, look for all the BOLDED terms, those are related to key
      ~term -term - specific, look for all the BOLDED terms, those are related to term

      Too Adult ADD for a real job,
      I love internet marketing.

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    I do my best to find exact match domains when building amazon sites.

    I try to always get the .com, .net, or .org, but have also taken .info.

    If the .com, .net and .org are taken, just move on to a different keyword, b/c it will make ranking against the others harder.

    However, if you look and the .com and .net are for sale for an outrageous price or are just parked domains, snatch up the .org or .us or .info and roll.

    But, it they are established sites, move on to another keyword and try again.
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      You are now wasting your time with exact match domain names it is just getting harder and harder to get the right .com’s as so many are registered each day.

      If you are struggling then go for hyphenate ones.

      You would be surprised at how many good names are still available if you go down the hyphenated route.
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    There is still more names that are more related to your website rather than hyphenated. Be specific to be familiarize by the visitors.
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