Can .info work to get #1 in Google?

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I am about to guy a domain name in order to try to rank a site up high - will .info work for me, or, do I need .com?
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    Makes no difference to google if it is a .info or .com. Just search google for pagerank checker and see what is #1 with 5 mill "competing" pages. That said, people often place more trust in a .com than .info, but google doesn't care.
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    From my tests, it's actually more difficult to rank a
    .info, but yes, they do get ranked.

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    I have a lot of .info's that do well. Biggest mistake i've made with those is not realizing that the "cheapness" of .info's only applies to the 1st year.

    After that, they're just as expensive to renew as anything else. may as well have gotten the other stuff all along.
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      It won't matter at all. Just backlink, backlink, backlink and eventually you can get even the worst optimized page to rank.

      Google "here" for an example.
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    Very good point Trish.

    Only cheap once.
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    Originally Posted by Jack Doug View Post

    Having said that, most people will click to access a .com rather than a .info.

    So naturally, the conversion rate for .info is much lower.

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    Come on people! We were doing sooooooooooooooo good. Up until that.
    Completely without merit. If those are your tips, I can't see getting any
    more "good" ones from that source.

    This is not 1997. People know different extensions are normal.
    Notice how many ads on TV say got Hmmmm. I guess they
    did not get the memo that the conversion factor is lower.

    there are many dot infos that rock. And rock big.

    Funny thing, do a search for a google product, pagerank, and see
    what comes up.

    If Bgmacaw is around...


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    It's possible, but one of the goals online is to make things as easy as possible for yourself. That's why it's better to use a top level domain like .com,.org, and .net to rank as they've got more credibility with search engines than the others.

    But search "seo service" in Google and you'll see the 2nd result is a ".ws" so it's definitely possible with the extensions generally thought of as lower quality.
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