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Hi everyone,

I was referred here by a friend and spent the last week reading up on threads and found this to be an absolutely invaluable resource - pity I didn't find this 6 months ago when I started!

To give a brief background about myself, I work full time and have been working on a gaming affiliate site as a side-project with a partner and we are both very happy with it so far. I have been learning SEO from scratch and am learning new things everyday, but I was hoping there were a few things that someone here could maybe clarify for me, because I am a little confused.

I started with the site as a .net domain, and bought the .com domain about 6 weeks ago for $100 (domain age from 1998). The .com domain came with a few backlinks, but my offpage SEO is sorely lacking. I recently bought a program that will help spin articles to be submitted, but I am a little hesitant about at what pace I should be submitting articles, as I don't want google to suddenly see that I have 1000 new backlinks and get penalized. How many articles should I be submitting per day? 10? 100? 1000? I'm totally clueless here and could use some advice to avoid being red-flagged.

I also have about 50 pages of content, but google only has about 25 pages indexed - it seems to have indexed some of my newer pages but skipped over the older ones. Is this normal? I have a sitemap and an xml sitemap and my site is pretty well interlinked - what can I do to get them to index the rest of my pages? My site is updated several times a week.

Thanks for reading - I appreciate any feedback to help me advance my SEO knowledge
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    If google saw 1,000 new garbage links, they would ignore them.
    If google saw 1,000 great links, they would love you.

    Google does not see links immediately, which always throws a monkey wrench
    in all these myths. Your links would most likely be on pages not indexed, especially
    if they were article links or other type.

    Build as many links as you can.

    Article submission is past its prime, IMHO. Build your own content.
    Submit articles that are bare-bones and leave the good stuff for
    your own sites.

    Domain age is irrelevant. If it's from 1998, it's probably been indexed/de-indexed
    many times. Probably parked a few times as well.

    There's no juice for age.

    Build you authority, grow your site, it gets crawled more often. But sometimes
    pages are never indexed. You can't force google to do anything.

    If your site has great link structure, you don't need a sitemap.

    There's no extra love for a dot com either.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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      Thanks for the reply - I do build my own content and am always adding to my site, but backlinks is something I've been putting off for too much time. Are article submissions considered garbage links? If so what are great links?
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    If google saw 1,000 new garbage links, they would ignore them.
    If google saw 1,000 great links, they would love you.
    Nice Explain, Yes back-linking is good but quality back-linking is great
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