Backlinking to each page on site...can I use the same blog backlinks?

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I was wondering something because I haven't ever really thought this one through.

I know that google ranks each page in Google by itself as far as the serps go.

Now I have also read that getting multiple backlinks from the same ip address is not benefical as the first link.

Lets say that I have around 1000 blogs to use for backlinks. Should I only be using those 1000 for the home page or will I get the same effect if I use the 1000 for page #1 then same 1000 for page #2 etc etc?

Since the 1000 isn't going to the same page ranking in the serps does it really matter?

Or should I just get 1000 for each page unique?
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    I don't think it would make too much difference. The question is will the blog webmaster allow you to post 2 links using different url's. It could flag your comments as spam to them as they will think you are merely commenting for the sake of back link, which you are
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      Good point. Never thought of it that way before. Ya I think I will just get 1k for each page using unique blogs on each one.

      Thanks for your input.
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    Unique would definitely be better, but having some of the same links isn't bad either.
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