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Hi every one
I just read that people who using adsence loosing thay account left and right

I just preparing my new website I was thinking to put adsence , but from what I am reading here it makes me worry.
It any other way to make money on website? I am very new in this business any advise will help and thanks
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    You don't have to worry about your AdSense account being deleted as long as you oby by the rules, I've been using AdSense myself for a couple of years now, try my best to abide by the rules and never have any problem with Google, another account under my management and owned by a friend of mine serving around 5.000.000 unit impression a month and have been maintained for years too without any problem, simple words to make a long advice short: abide by the rules, you won't banned, violate it, you'll be banned!
    Your alternative will include but not limited to: Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN), AdBrite, Kontera, Chitika, Bidvertiser and many others, you can as well join or likes to make some money as well, you can sell direct ads in your site, your options is endless, just think out of that box
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    Mix it up a little. Depending upon your niche, adsense may not be the best paying. You can target specific items using Amazon's affiliate system as well as all of the systems Muhammad mentioned.

    yes, I am....

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    I agree with both.

    As long as you don't violate the ToS you'll be fine. Google is a big company and doesn't ban people just to rip them off for a couple of grand.

    That being said depending on your niche you may do much better with affiliate products (digital or physical) or something middle of the road like CPA. It is worth exploring and really comes down to the demographic you cater to.
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      thank you to all for your advice.
      But what is CPA??
      Your Health

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        Originally Posted by romka123 View Post

        thank you to all for your advice.
        But what is CPA??
        It's "Cost Per Action".
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          You could always try AdSense...! Oh I'm just joshin with ya :p

          Like Yukon said, you could always try out some CPA offers, You could always have CommissionJunction products and ads on your site - Affiliate stuff. Or go the Amazon route... Once you start getting a lot of traffic you could look into CPM advertising. And CPM is cost per thousand impressions.

          scott g
          "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve."

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    Thank you to every one each advice openning door to a lot of information
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      The thing about following TOS is that some of the rules are quite vague.
      Especially those around the topic of "quality".
      Be aware, read the TOS and if you have doubts about the quality of your site you should be making changes.

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    I Just purchased your video and i open each of them it works so far good after i review them i will leave feedback
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    If you think something you want to do is cutting it close, just don't do it. You'll be fine the the TOS if you follow this philosophy
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    Try and follow the rules, and you would be safe. I was a publisher for 2 years, and made enough cash before i was banned for : poor site navigation and my remaining money was collected.

    So just try your best and follow all the rules, ask lots of questions. Some people have been with adsense for ten years and have never been banned
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    Don't manipulate clicks. Let is happen automatically and legitimately. Your account will never get banned. That's all about it, nothing to worry.

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    Make money with adsense is allready old style. still can mae money but very small
    So many affiliate out there need help to sale them product
    you can sign out for free
    This is the best one so far
    Amozon program
    commision junction
    also many affiliate program out there sign up for free and make money
    all depending of you
    hope you can make money
    good luck
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    Hi romka 123
    I forget to tell you something, I knew what you want the same like me when i start, you need to very carfull when people ask you some products, milion product and program will tell you make money easy. 85 % all of them scam just do search before you buy.( is no secret there ,people make that like big secret just to make money i hate that )
    just becarefull !!!.. Ok
    yes you can make money online
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    Already many of us have told not to worry. I agree with them, if you do not violet any of their terms and conditions, they will never ban you. So, before applying please read their terms and conditions carefully.

    Unfortunately if you will ban from Adsense then you can read this thread for alternative...
    Learn SEO, Affiliate Marketing, CPA, and Make Money Online !!!!!!!

    Keep your house pest free and be healthy, wealthy, and happy. Get Rid of House Insects. :)
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