Site Ranking So-So for Many Terms - Need Help Please.

by momo3
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I have a sales pitch that ranks at about #5 for many terms on the home page.

I've build tons of links at it over the years. But I can't get it to jump up.

I think its mainly because its not PERFECTLY relevant for any of the terms.

I am wondering this:

If I create anchor text links that route (from the home page) to HIGHLY relevant article pages for the terms, will those pages then quickly and easily rank ?

I hope I am making sense.

Imagine I have a site for dog food.

It ranks ~ #5 for

Dog Food
Dog Chow
Puppy Chow
Organic Dog Chow

Then I decide to create a separate page for Organic Dog Chow and link from the home page with the exact anchor text. Organic Dog Chow will be exclusively in the title, H1's, description, etc. etc.. Will that page outrank the main page quite easily? Will a lot of backlinks be needed? Or will Google see my main pages authority and instantly put the new page at a higher ranking than the original, multi-keyword page?
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    SOrry for the long winded message, it was late last night. To sum it up, I was asking:

    If you add a more optimized page that branches off of a home page that ranks decently, will the new page rank quickly? Better? Easily?
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      Not necessarily. While it won't do any harm, you still have to build backlinks to this page etc etc.
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