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Does anyone know how to promote review sites? Specifically how do you get past EZA's nazi-like rules to get a backlink to promote a review site?

Additionally, does anyone know of a really good instructional program for PPC?
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    Well I don't think there is any different method specifically for review sites. I have a number of them myself and I just build backlinks as I would for any other sites.
    As far as Ezine are concerned, they don't allow you to submit overly promoted articles. To get around them, let's say you have a review site about tents. Write an article about how to look for a quality tent and then add "If you would like to learn more about finding great tents, visit.....".

    That should do the trick.
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    Alright, I'll give it a try. Initially my page, which is a WordPress blog, had a home/main page that was promoting a product. But there was a blog that was easily accessible.

    None of the blog posts talked about any products at all. I guess since the main page talked about a product EZA denied it. I just assumed that if my landing page/main page was nothing but product reviews, EZA would just label it the same (spammy/commercial) and declince it all over again. I guess I'll just have to give it a try.

    I must say that EZA really isn't my focus these days. I'd really like to utilize them, but they're just such jerks about everything. I can post 50 articles all over the web in the time it takes them to review & decline my 1 article to them. Just absurd.

    But of course I want to utilize their traffic and get some backlinks from my articles on their site. Ah, well.. will see.
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    One good alternative to ezinearticles is buzzle, depending on the niche Ive found I get better traffic from them in some cases and also a good amount of article views.
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