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I think retargeting is an absolutely wonderful thing. It is very effective and very profitable. You can use retargeting to raise conversion rates and exponentially increase revenue. But, the question is...what is the most effective way to retarget your customers?

Tough question, huh? I think 'banner retargeting' is great. You drop a pixel on your visitors and if they don't convert they start getting 'stalked' by your banners while visiting other websites. It's pretty much a genius idea and it's amazing what some people are developing in this arena.

But today I saw a chart related to the Generations Report 2010 created by the Pew Internet & American Life Project. This chart made me realize that right now no matter how cool and effective as pixel retargeting or behavioral retargeting is...good ol' email follow up is another form of highly effective retargeting...

Check this chart out:

So, according to the Pew study, E-mail is the most popular online activity among each age group. Also, we see that 94% of all US adults (18+) who use the Internet also use e-mail. I would say those numbers build a pretty strong case that you need to be capturing your site visitors' e-mail addresses and following up with them often.

Looking again at the chart above, we can see that 87% of all US adults who use the Internet also use search engines. Interesting? Yes, I think so. This means that combining your PPC and/or SEO with E-mail Marketing is a profitable combo.

Also, another great combo is using companies like and to retarget your site visitors with display campaigns.

Anyone else using retargeting of any kind?
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    Interesting subject!..I am planning to use the CO-REGISTRATION tactic for this purpose to try this out!

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      Hmm, interesting approach. So you're doing a coreg, So you have the e-mail follow up in place (I hope! )...what about using your emails to drive traffic to your own landing pages and then using some pixel retargeting (from let's say to keep those visitors coming back until they buy??

      What offers are you promoting, Health? Dating?

      - Meet Tommy Bussey -

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    Hello Tommy -
    Can you recommend any companies that will allow frequency cap settings for retargeting solutions?
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      We allow for frequency cap settings on our retargeting campaigns -
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