My site's rankings were improving, but now it has dropped 100 spots?!?

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I don't know if I should be worried or not. My site is only about a month old and was having a hard time ranking until I started to build some links to it.

It finally started to rank about 5 days ago in the 89th spot. Then, more links were built to my site, the rankings increased to the 60th spot. This is for broad position in Market Samurai.

I am using The Link Juicer by the way, with it building 9 links per day. This is about the 3rd day of me using the Link Juicer and now my site has fallen to the 172nd spot in broad position and 66 for phase match in Market Samurai. Also, according to Market Samuari, the backlink for the keyword I am trying to rank for all of a sudden disapeared.

Should I be worried about this? Or should I give a few days to see if my site comes back in a better ranking spot?

I was told that I shouldn't build more than 10 links per day starting out or my site could get slapped. Could this also be the case?
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    No, you could build more than that... I manually build about 20-30 a day. You could probably blast about 10,000 links in a day and not get any penalty, since it isn't like google will index them the same day. I would just wait it out, you're doing the google dance and it isn't a big deal. Just keep building.
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    Is common to see this and if i'm not mistaken, they refer it as google dance, where you should keep building link to stabilize your position.

    Hope it help
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      @latrice17 - Call it the Google dance or just Google trying to figure out where to position your pages. I recommend not even checking rankings more than once a week.

      If you're only building out 9 links per day you should be fine. As @iamnameless said, just keep building!

      Focus on improving your overall search engine traffic not just your rankings.
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    Everything is fine!

    I bolded that because its a waste of energy to panic. God knows I did a lot when I first started. The dance is awesome. Why? Because you have a greater chance of coming back stronger than before in the SERP's!

    How is this possible? Your site is new. Your building links. Google doesn't know what to do with you yet, so it decides to take you for a night out on the town. You'll rebound. Keep building links and stay your course. You'll be back!
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      I posted this in another thread, but it applies to what's happening to you. No worries.

      Sounds like what a recent site of mine was doing:

      Nov 27 the site was indexed, my site ranked about #190 for it's search term. I was building backlinks before I hosted the domain and am still building backlinks to this day. When the site was a week old it bounced to #80 and every couple of days would rotate from #140-160 to #60-80. Around Dec 27 I was at #150. on Dec 28th I was at #12

      For this particular term I usually sit at #9, but sometimes bounce to #30 and back, sometimes my site isn't even found for they keyword! But this is typical as I am still building a bunch of backlinks, so Google (and the other SERPs) are finding link to my site everyday. When I hit about the #4 spot I'll stop building so many links and let the site age :p

      scott g
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