Uh-Oh! Adam's ready to master PAID traffic - Advice, recommendations, direction, por favor (please)

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Howdy Warriors.

I would like to take this brief moment, to welcome you to my thread

Welcome, Warrior, to my thread.

Well, I'm ready to jump into paid traffic, I'm setting out on a new mission. My main area of expertise is SEO, free traffic, email marketing, article marketing etc...All the free stuff (aside from hosting, outsourcing and aweber of course).

I'm ready to jump into paid traffic now, and increase my bottom line. I want traffic NOW Now that I've mastered many free methods and am earning a full time passive income from that, I'm ready to step it up and move on to the next level of marketing (PAID traffic).

What I need is a little bit of direction, or recommendations for good courses (don't recommend it if you bought it and didn't implement what you learned in it), or maybe other marketers whom I might be able to exchange knowledge with. Either way, I just need a good source of knowledge, experience and expertise to learn from.

At this point, I want to focus on learning 1 thing in particular.

Adwords (PPC)

I know how it works, I've run ads before, and I've made a couple bucks but nothing worth bragging about.

Things I need to learn are aspects such as (Display AND search)
Achieving high quality scores (score of 10 is perfect - How do I get there?)
Identifying low-cost high-converting keyword groups
Easy and effective methods of testing and tracking
Things of that nature...

Any advice or recommendations from marketers who ARE MAKING GOOD MONEY from Adwords would be appreciated. If you're going to recommend a course of some sort, if you didn't BUY it, USE it, and MAKE MONEY with it, don't mention it please.

Thanks guys, much appreciated!
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    Adam, I will follow this thread respectfully.

    Thank you to open this topic.

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