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by Krstwo
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I have recieved a $100 in credits towards adsense and i dont want to waste it away. I'm hoping someone has a good suggestion as to how i could use it for best profit. to continue running ads for more profit. I dont really have a site up that I would like to run ads for but maybe there is a affiliate program or another way to best use adsense that i could continue to build from my initial 100.

I hope that made sense im a terrirble writer and not very good at getting my questions across.
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    Hi Krstwo,
    Well I understand your question enough to know that I am in the same boat, (I think) I received a credit for $100. but although I have spent considerable time studing here on Warrior Forum and other places on the internet, I don't have a clue how to quickly and profitably redeem it. I would be willing to half it with someone who could let me in on the secret.
    All the best,
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    Don't feel like your under preasure to beat the expiration deadline on that Adwords coupon.

    They hand those coupons out like candy in a parade.

    1) Anytime you open a new Adwords account they will send you a couple of coupons trying to get you to start spending $$ on Adwords.

    2) My Hostgator account also has the same $100 coupon.

    3) I get them in the snail-mail.

    4) I've got messages in my Adsense Admin trying to hook me on Adwords.

    Just saying If the coupon expires you still have ways to get another $100 coupon for new Adwords signups.
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    However, it is helpful in some ways so you should use it for advertising I think.
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