How do you think about hiring an Indian SEO company?

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First of all, I am not here being any sort of discrimination.

I have heard lots of stories about hiring Indian SEO company that can get a good result at the beginning and totally screw up their websites and got sandbox by Google.

I want to know whether this is just one or two incidents or in general like this.

Also does anyone heard of this company: I am about to hire it for one of my website.

Thanks for any input.
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    Here's a recommendation for you: You can always start small. Do you have a site that you don't care about as much as compared to a bigger site you own?

    Give them a few tasks and see what happens. So that way if the site ends up getting messed up you're not out a whole lot. Also I recommend asking for testimonials or proof of their work.

    If they just tell you to Google "keyword xyz" and that should serve as proof, that'd be hogwash because anyone can say they got rankings for any keyword.

    What proof can they produce? And if they can do so without hesitation you may have a winner. Matt Santi
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    thanks for your advice. So how to determine whether this company is using blackhat or whitehat SEO? Is there anything I can ask or check to monitor the progress?

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    for example like 4 keywords on page one about 700 dollars.
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