Do h1, h2, h3, etc.. Make any difference?

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I really have done very little wit hthe heading tags for my articles - but recently a "SEO guru" told me i need to get them on my articles as they help with rankings.

I probably have 200+ articles on my site where i could change the subheadings (that i've just had in bold) to h3, h4.
Is this something you think i should do? Would it actually make a difference if i did at this late stage as they have already been indexed by the SE's?

I recently put an article on my site and used the h4 tag for the sub headings (as it is the best size) - does this matter? should it be h3, h2 - or do they just indicate different sizes? Here is the article: Renewable Energy and Job Creation: Everything You Have Read Up Until Now is Wrong! | Oil

Thanks for any advice you can offer.
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    If you were to do this across your entire site for all your articles, you probably would see a nice increase in rankings and traffic then. When you add all of these parts up to the whole, this is when the difference will be made.

    Literally when you use the H1, h2, etc tags you are telling Google and any search engine for that matter exactly what your site/page is about. You are not leaving any of the guess work to them which helps them easier figure out how to deliver your site in the SERPs. You are helping organize it in a fashion the bot can understand easier.
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    I did a quick read of the article...I think you should add positive before "externalities=jobs"

    To answer your question, yes.

    However, if you are using the time you could be writing articles to change old ones, then no.
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    Thanks for the advice guys. I'll make a few changes to old articles and ensure they go on new ones.

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