My site has more than one domain, will it affect SEO

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Hi there i just wanted to ask a question in this specific topic as i am very unsure on the answer.

One of my websites has 3 domains attached to it with no preffered domain. Will this affect my ranking in search engines. I have just deleted the other domains of this site, do you think this will help?

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    if you have different backlinks linking to different domains that I guess it will divide the link juice, however I am not sure...

    if you try a 403 redirect to one domain, it might make a main domain that will get the whole link juice, however I am not sure about this...

    also, I am not sure if the domain name is pointing to the same server makes any difference....

    good question!
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    A friend of mine started a new website with the company name as his domain and also had a second domain of keywordkeywordkeyword

    Needless to say he was on the first page of SERPs for the keyword
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      ok thanks for your replies ill see what happens, time will soon tell

      Yeah thats the problem i think i had because i have eight websites all of which are getting a sprinlke of organic traffic by my new one 0

      I did have the main website domain as the preffered with the others being redirected to it but then i changed it for some reason :S

      - even though it's new it's still older than some of my other sites
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    I'm not really sure what you mean. Each website has its own address or domain name. You can set up as many websites (domains) within your hosting account as space will allow.

    There can be advantages to spreading your sites across different hosting accounts if you are linking between sites, but it's not essential.

    Hope this helps.
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    I am assuming that you have three unique version of the same domain of your website?

    If this is the case then it is an issue as Search Engines considers each version of the URL as unique. You can use Htaccess redirect to solve this problem, just redirect duplicate versions to the one ranking the highest for your target keywords.
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    Pay attention to redirect though. You may slide into the black hat SEO strategy and your sites may get penalize from search engines.

    Be carefully with that !
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    you can use redirect domain function to your best domain and it has no problem as long as you have only one site and the 3 domains are just for redirect. The problem will happen if you have 3 different sites which has same ips interlink each other
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