Market Samurai Keyword Formula??

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What is the criteria that you use to select profitable keywords in MS?

It seems the standard is

SEOT of 84+
PBR of 15% and above -

SEOV of $100+

SEOC of below 30,000 ideally

Just wondering how other go about identifying their niche keywords

How about OCI? how high should it be to determine if its worth your while...& if your keyword meets all other criteria but OCI is low would you still enter the market with that keyword?
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    I'm a paid user of Market Samurai and I just put in a suppport ticket today on this very question. Hopefully I'll hear back by the middle of next week.
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    SEOC = not interesting.
    If anything is interesting, then SEOTC.
    < 64.000 SEOTC == should be easy to rank
    Why Keyword Research is Nonsense

    Edit: PBR > 33%
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      I edited my rules to account for your variables, which provided some very interesting data. But what do you do about OCI? Do you use it? Ignore it? I'm on the fence about it, because I've heard conflicting reports about its validity. :confused: Thanks!
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        I want in on this (old) discussion.

        Highkick, I hope you went with that keyword you found it sounds like a slam dunk winner to me. PLEASE post on your results with that search, did you follow through? Did you profit or fail?

        It seems like George's specs are just too whack for someone asking a basic clarification question.

        I was looking for the perfect MS formula too and wound up at this post. So I want to hear more about it !!


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