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I've recently started some adult themed websites. As such I know google can be a bit persnippitty when it comes to those sites to begin with. Some methods I've used with mainstream blogs and websites is doing searches in google with qualifiers looking for dofollow blogs in my niche. This ususally worked pretty good and I've been looking to repeat this process with my adult sites. With my mainstream sites they were useful blogs that had decent PR and were targeted to my keywords.

My concern is this: with my new venture there are few actual "blogs" out there in the adult world. Most of these sites are either link farms, picture sites, etc..

From an SEO standpoint do you think this would be harmful or helpful? Or since google sort of flags adult sites anyways would it be a moot point?

The site I started is deep in the SERPs and someone else started a new site and immediately popped to 2nd place on the SERPs. I have more content (actual news events, etc) than the competitor but he has more backlinks.

Any ideas or comments? Thanks warriors!
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    If you want Google love with an adult blog, then make sure that it is an information site. By that, I mean report news on the adult film industry or something similar. Your content will be loaded with keywords for famous porn stars, but your content won't contain any nudity or pornographic material.

    Also, don't put any banner ads for adult sites on your blog, even if they are your own. Instead, focus on building a list. Make sure that your subscribers are of age and understand that they may receive adult oriented emails. Then you can focus on making your money from the list, whether it be with affiliate links or links to your own sites.

    You can then create links by submitting articles to the article directories and use all of the other mainstream SEO tactics.

    Bottom line... if you want some Google love, then keep the porn out of your porn site.
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      Originally Posted by E. Brian Rose View Post

      Bottom line... if you want some Google love, then keep the porn out of your porn site.
      LOL! I Love that quote.

      So in essence if your putting aff links for porn sites then its d*mned if you do and d*mned if you don't I would assume. I do have links to aff galleries mixed in with legitimate news articles. However, I would assume once you toss one link to a porn site google tosses it under the bus.

      Do you know if typical SEO works in the adult industry or is just pure link power? I mean if you type "Jenna Jameson" into google you get results. Albeit more galleries and such though.
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