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Here is my situation. My site is on page 1 of google for both keywords that we have targeted. We went from 9 on page 1 to 5 then back down to six for some reason today. Our 2nd keyword which is twice as competitive went from bottom of 2nd page to 9th on 1st page then to 10th today.

My site is currently making about 1500 a month this has been a huge blessing.
I have proven to myself that this internet marketing works. I was inspired by
Matt Bacak to try it.

Mostly I do articles, I have posted several videos to youtube and we have alot of views, I have done a few podcasts, some squidoo pages, one blogger blog which I hardly update. We have a few other domains with articles linking back to our site.

I am now using SEO linkvine and SEO linkvine elite. That seems to be very effective since you can post to many PR 3-5 wordpress blogs very fast.
I am creating about 40-50 quality back links a day for the last few days with it. I write article post it five times and spin.
I did a link package from one provider on here that is not done yet for 1120
links with 660 social bookmarks. I also did a link tree with profile links from a provide here. I am wondering if that was a bad move and maybe caused me to go down a spot. I don't think the links from linkvine and the provider with the 1120 have been indexed yet but who knows. Any suggestions? Should I ping the wordpress blogs? Should they be social bookmarked as well?
Should I slow down? Any suggestions from knowledgeable or successful marketers is welcome
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    my suggestion will be to slow down a bit. dude you have already done enough job that people do in a year or may be 2. i don't use any SEO tool so i can't help you with that. but creating 50-60 links per day is very enough. so i think you should stop that now and try it manually. remember over back links created by software can cause to to break down the links created.
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    How old is your site? If it's pretty new - 2 months or so, it's going to bounce around quite a bit. Are you doing any blog commenting to get high pr backlinks?
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    Sounds like your running into heavy competition. I wouldn't worry about it and keep doing what you've been doing.
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      our site is about a year old...when we 1st launched, I went hard at it and we got on page 1...we started making money and honestly i sat back and collected...Now I decided I want the #1 spot for these two keywords and I started hitting it heavy again.

      By the way I am posting articles on several wordpress Blogs any blogs you recommend i comment? Do they need to in my niche?
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    1500 a month is impressive. Well done dude. How do you monetize a site on Halo tips?
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    Gamerseo, It makes me happier to read your success on your site. Can you show me your keywords for what it ranks up in search engines. Why can't you focus on many keywords for your site. I could rank myself almost 180 keywords for my site in australia for about 3-4 months, and now most of the keywords on first page in australian google server.

    Just i updated my site with top highly rich fresh content which makes the search engines to visit my website 2 times per week. Search engines tries to visit websites which is loaded with fresh content.
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    I also agree. Building 40-60 backlinks a day? Man! that a lot of backlinks for a search engine to be cool.

    Just relax man!

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      Well the way I monetize is simple. One thing I did was find a pro gamer so the content would be good. I showed him how we could make money and do all the marketing.

      #1 use a capture page/aweber to follow up with the traffic I get. After they enter their info they are redirected to a sales pitch page for a GUIDE we sale on halo reach tips.

      #2 alot of youtube videos to get the traffic

      #3 a good google adwords campaign to get more traffic

      #4 have a follow up message everyday for 30 days to new subscribers
      give them a tip, then ask them to buy

      #5 seo for our most important keywords to get traffic

      Thats pretty much it, Matt Bacak said create and control markets
      when you capture info you create a market of interested people.
      When you follow up with them you control the market. I think
      I can make this much bigger like 5-7 k a month.

      paul how did you work on so many keywords at once?
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    I cant deny doing SEO for 2 or 3 months is a happy work! :p i cant dare to do it and i was so tired with just one week SEO.
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