low pr related backlink or high pr unrelated backlinks

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Which is better(for SERP)?

I have been trying to get high (5, 6) PR backlinks to my site but it seems like there is no difference in SERP results.

I think i read on this forum that a high PR(lets say PR5) unrelated backlink is worth much more then PR0 related link.

Is this true? Offcourse that noone knows for sure but what is your experience?
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    I recommend for the long term to go for that related backlink with low PR. The reason being is PR can change over time and if you have your link on a related page you have better odds for targeted traffic.

    Too many folks get caught up in the PR game. Go for that related link is what I say!
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        Originally Posted by fsdnetwork View Post

        From google point of view the backlinks shoud be :

        1. Natural links, that means your links embeded into related pages not only included in the links.html page where all links exchagers are listed.

        2. Sites related to your niche, theme.

        3. Authority sites (domain age, acceptable PR).

        Always think one backlink is a vote so why another site not related to your niche is voting you ?

        Hope it help
        Well i don't see why another site that is not in my niche wouldn't vote me.
        For instance they think something that i offer is a good product (if it is needed to a larger audience).

        And also i know that 2 and 3 together are great but what is more important, 2 or 3? (like my example said)
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          I noticed that Related backlinks are really fascinates for use which effect on our search engine raking. As per my opinion, Backlinks like bread and butter of internet marketing. So try to catch up related backlinks.
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    I have seen high PR links from unrelated sites help my sites. Of course, a high PR link from a related site would be better though.
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    My vote goes to High pr unrelated backlinks

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    According to me Related links are much worth than non related higher PR link
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    I know this might seem like a really simple answer, but why not just get both? Then you're covered and do not have to waste time worrying over which is better.
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    Always go with quality relevant backlinks, which will help to rank better in the search engine.
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    Its always preferred to get relevant back links for your website,its better if PR is high.
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      I think both the things are same if you'll get the PR back links then they will help you to get the PR websites. If you'll try to get the more number of links like from Forums, Article directories and social website links then you'll get the higher ranking into the SERPs.
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    Hi CikaPero,

    That's a good question, however the answer may not be quite as simply as you had hoped. Both attributes matter, relevance and PR. Relevance without PR doesn't help much and PR without relevance has no direct benefit. That's right I said "no" direct benefit. I know there are those that will disagree with my assertion and I believe they simply misunderstand some fundamental truths about how Google works.

    A backlink without relevance will not directly help you rank for a targeted term. You do have the potential to gain a lesser secondary benefit by channeling that linkjuice through a relevant link. However, if you fail to pass the linkjuice through a relevant link you will receive no ranking benefit at all. PR is important, but relevance is absolutely essential.

    Having said that, it is also important to understand the topic of a website has nothing to do with relevance. Search engines like Google do not attempt to understand the topic of your website, they are much more granular in their approach to indexing. Everything is quantified at the page level, not the site level.

    Websites don't have PR only pages do, and PR is used by Google to weight the power of an outbound link to influence the relevancy score of the targeted page. If you are not influencing the relevancy score then you are not influencing the SERP ranking.
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      The question is really little complicated. I'm sure that Unrelated high pr backlinks never hurt a websites ranking, but is there really any good effect on SERP? I believe that article distribution is really a good technique as we all know google always evaluate relevant backlinks, and article directories can support that related backlinks, but content must be unique and fresh.
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      • I say just get as many backlinks as you can.
        If it is relevant that's just a bonus.
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    it depends what you need. if you aim on improving your site's PR, go for unrelated high PR
    If you are trying to improve your SERP, go for related site

    Get six sigma tools from six sigma blog

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    i also think that high pr unrelated backlinks. I think the high pr link juice is more valuable tha n it being relevant
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      It is not about relevance or PR.

      Focus on natural links.
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        Of course go for the high pr links but if there is a possibility that its pr will be lost, go for the relevant links instead, this will assure you for long term result.
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    How Google recognize related and non related Backlinks, for instance my website content is non english but most of mt backlinks come from english websites.
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    I used to think I should only get links from relevant sites but I was wrong. I manage to rank alot of sites for top positions with high pr unrelated links. So you have my answer.
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