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what is guest posting. Please let me know the sites for guest posting.
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    I am not sure if you are talking about guest blogging. If you have a blog yourself and you contact another blog owner in the same niche as yours and if the other blog is a popular one with good readership, you can offer to guest blog on the other site.

    This is logical because you are in the same niche as the other blog owner and by writing some good content, you get recognized by the readers of that blog and can get some traffic to your site. It is a win win for both

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    Guest posting is writing blog posts and posting them on other people's blog. It has a lot of advantages such as it helps in promoting our own website and also help in networking with people in our niche.
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    Originally Posted by Sukhdeepak View Post

    what is guest posting. Please let me know the sites for guest posting.
    Guest posting means you hired some member to your blog site to write contents for you. it could be free of cost. member will be able to writing into your blogsite by login. but they can only write contents for your blog. they cant edited or modify any post of others members. I hope you understand. Thanks.
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    Look for some reputable blogs that have similar topic with yours. Make contact with the blogs owners and show your interest in writing some valuable content for them. if the blog owners agree, they will post your content on their blogs. Guest blogging is a very effective way to build your reputation when you provide with tremendous value to the blog owners readers. It's a very good way to build high quality backlinks from the blogs to your site as well...
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    Guest blogging is writing a guest post for another blog (hopefully one with lots of readers and authority). It's another way to drive traffic to your site and even get some link juice. Most sites want excellent content that is totally unique for their blogs.

    You can also get guest bloggers to post unique articles for free on your site and alls you have to give them is a link to their site in their resource box.

    Guest blogging: Looking for guest bloggers or guest post? Join MyBlogGuest! is a great resource for connecting guest bloggers with blogs that want guest posts.

    I've done a few and I can tell you it works great!

    Gone Fishing
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