What do you think a newbie should start with? Clickbank or Adsense.

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Personally when i started i wanted something that will give me motivation that there is really money to be made online. I was introduced to Clickbank where it was accompanies by a bunch of ways to make it through it. I had to sell something and then the money is split between me and the seller. I later learnt this was called commission ( A term i could here most of the times in high school math quiz).
Then there was Adsense, where i don't sell anything, but the course i was reading mostly stressed on buying. Not buying products but ad spaces called adwords to promote my blog which had google ads on it. ( Perry Marshal Ebook was the course)

After trying both of these two things happened. 1. i almost gave up and 2. my motivation was raised.

I almost gave up since i could not make a sale from what i was doing, But then i got up when i saw my first $2.14 earning in my adsense account. From then i never looked back.

So my questions to you warriors is? Where do you think a newbie should begin his journey? Personally i think adsense can motivate, because you just need a click and not a transaction. Thats me!
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  • Why not mix it to get the motivation from AdSense and the money from Clickbank?

    I do not recommend that you buy traffic if your only source of income is AdSense. It will simply be near impossible to pay less for the traffic with AdWords than you get from AdSense.

    I may say to much now but I actually think it is impossible to make money with that strategy legally.

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    Hmmm... I think you could benefit from both. A lot of people say to just start with one thing and then move forward. I would use both really, but many will disagree with me I think.
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    Adsense can be very profitable especially if you have a very popular niche audience. Take weight loss, boy ....fatties are looking for the magic answer and why wouldn't they. No offence guys....

    What about the most popular thing in the world..... s .e.x....boy does that get some clicks....no pun intended.

    and well....there are an endless stream of money spinners out there.....I just wish I knew what they were.

    Give me a yell if you find em.
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    Never put all your eggs in one basket diversity is the key. Try Clickbank, Rapbank, build a list, and Adsense. Now that is monetization!
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    Personally for me I find it is best to run both on the same site. However here is the little trick I use a that works rather well. First on your home page for your niche products only use your clickbank products. A simple review style page works best. Then on the second part of the site. Needs to be a blog section. In this section you will use to help bring traffic to your site and give them multiple chances to make you some money.

    At the end of every post do a recommends section adding your click bank products. Just below your pages add in an image adsense ad. Then add another on the sidebar. Then lower down on the side bar ad a few clickbank product banners. Now you have a pretty well diversified site that can make you money in more ways then just one.

    I actually take it a little further and have a store section. Which sells amazon products. Then if you look on the video section the only things they see besides the videos is ads anywhere and everywhere on the page. So if an ad pops up that strikes their intrest while they are jsut looking for more info. They stayed on the site long enough to see the ad and exit through one of the ads weather it be click bank, adsense or amazon. It really doesnt matter they left the site going to one of those other ads.

    My unique visitors are actually rather high. That and the average time spent on the page is over 2minutes and growing. So this in turn helps a ton.
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    i prefer adsense coz to earn from i just need a bunch of good article and little seo and just zoom
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    Try both together and go ahead with the one which works better for you

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    Adsense is good for newbie, but click bank is not bad.

    You can use both. Many people are doing Adsense and Affiliate parallel with great success.

    "AA" i.e Adsense and Affiliate both are very popular in Internet marketing.
    Learn SEO, Affiliate Marketing, CPA, and Make Money Online !!!!!!!

    Keep your house pest free and be healthy, wealthy, and happy. Get Rid of House Insects. :)
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