Should I Put My Alt Text in Hyphenated Format?

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That's my question. I think (correct my if I'm wrong) the alt text for an image is what the search engines care about as opposed to the title image, so I was wondering if I should put it like "this-is-my-keyword" like I do for my subdomains or if it's fine as "this is my keyword"? Is one more SEO friendly than the other?
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    Hi Laura,
    No - don't use hyphens.

    If you hover over the 'quote' 'reply' & 'thanks' buttons at the bottom of WF posts, you'll see the alt text appear.

    You can also get the same effect for a text link by using the 'title' attribute in your <link> .

    I believe both ways would be equal in SEO terms, but non-hyphenated looks better IMHO

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  • No.

    Who in the real world would ever write like that? It's entirely unnatural and will provide you no benefits.

    Google looks for the words and ignores the dashes as they have no meaning.
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      Hi Laura,
      As long as your image is defined appropriately as to what it is about, that is what matters. Accurate depiction of the image in question. You can write it in hyphens, apostrophes or exclamation marks - does not matter.
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    Just use a few words to describe your image the best...There is no need and advantage to use hyphen...
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