Thumbnail change got me 426 views in 24 hours

by Giani
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I have been creating videos to promote my and affiliate products. I have had very little success and videos created by me had reasonably good views.

I created another video yesterday and it was uploaded on Youtube and other video hosting sites. The only thing different I did this time was, had a good looking pretty thumbnail. The result: I have 426 views in 24 hours.

My question to everyone, is it right to use such attractive thumbnails, to get more views of your video.

I am not sure if the rules here allow me to post that video, but if they do, I can show it here.
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    Great post. I always try to pick the best thumbnails for my youtube videos.

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    Sure thing, if you select a good picture for your thumbnail, the view go up.
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    That's a great tip that I don't do at all. I'll have to try it. I just leave it with whatever youtube decides to pick... dumb.
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    Is it right to do that? I mean I have seen videos which do not relate at all to their thumbnail. But those get lots of views.

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    I split test a topless picture of myself as the video's thumbnail vs. a topless picture of a Playboy model. The results were very one sided.
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    Considering the video thumbnail is sort of like an ad for your video in that it's one of the main things that gets other users to click and watch, what you've stumbled on can be very effective.

    Where it might start getting you the dreaded thumbs-down is if you use a misleading thumbnail just to get views. For example, if you use a pic of a scantily clad young lady as the thumbnail yet your vid is a powerpoint of some marketing pitch, other users will bury your vid with negative ratings. It would work, however, if the young lady was the one doing the presentation in the video

    Cool, interesting and on-topic is the best way to go with the thumbnails and make sure to use pics that reflect who and what the video is about.

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    A compelling thumbnail (exotic women get thousands of views) for your video is a great strategy to maximize the click through of your videos.
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  • Makes sense. Humans are visual creatures. And you know the saying a picture is worth a 1000 words.
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