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hey I have been using Google adwords for a campaign
It converts at 10% but the price is too high

I am looking to go over to bing/yahoo and have a couple of questions

On average how much cheaper are these too compared to adwords
How much less traffic is there (%)
Are they user friendly easy to understand interface
Same daily limits and stuff as adwords

Also did I hear correctly that bing ads and yahoo ads are the same or was that BS

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    Hi espresso.

    Bing and Yahoo ads have merged, but they have not yet combined their advertising platforms. They recently sent out an email saying it was their aim to have ads setup in MSN Adcenter display both Bing and Yahoo by the end of this year/start of next.
    My understanding is that if you advertise using MSN Adcenter, your ads will only appear on Bing currently.

    I couldn't comment on the percentages of traffic and price difference. This varies so much depending on the niche, but my very limited experience tells me that Bing ads are cheaper than Google ads (and anecdotally I hear this is the case with Yahoo ads as well).

    I personally haven't used Yahoo Ads, but I have an MSN Adcenter account. Its very easy to use, particularly if you are used to using the more complex Adwords interface. Another important point I have to make is that the customer service is EXCELLENT from Bing. I cannot praise them highly enough for this.

    And on top of all that, currently, there are less restrictions on what you can do with your landing pages than on Google Adwords. It's not the wild west, but there are certainly less conditions and less guidelines imposed.
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      Originally Posted by ReportKing View Post


      Google has got it WAY wrong when it comes to their advertising. Their policy is that they want all of the websites from their ads to give the user a "positive & fulfilling" experience (whatever the hell that means) but what they are missing is that ads are just that - ads.
      yea thats what I dont understand about adwords
      All other advertising platforms on and off line generally allow you to advertise what you want and how you want as long as its not illegal and in most cases not porn

      And then they ban your account without reason?
      I mean talk about cutting off their nose

      "we dont like your site so you can never use are service and pay us money again" WTF

      I assume with Bing and Yahoo I can country target like with google
      Also which is better Yahoo or Bing
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    i've heard some people saying that Yahoo, Bing etc work very well for them but for me I found adwords the best. It could be due to different keywords/price/site etc

    I would advise you try it for yourself with a low budget and see how it goes.
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