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Hello warriors!

I see that when I have it enabled for my blog
trying to understand it's proper usage

under the main "settings" for thwe plugin it seems to have a "home description" which I see comes up as your "summary" when your site shows the synopsis in the serps. So that I get

2 questions if I may;

1) Is it necessary for me to place my keyword to show in that "home description" for optimal seo, I assume so?

2) When I go to make/edit a page or a post anywhere on the site, I see in the lower portion of that edit area the heading "all in one seo pack" and beneath it I see;
  1. title
  2. description
  3. keywords
  4. title attributes
  5. menu label
So are these just as important to fill out?
again I assume they are, maybe at least the "title" and "description"
but wasn't sure, was hoping to get feedback by someone who actually uses the "all in one seo pack" and infact knows the definitive answer?

thank you warrior matties!
feedback certainly appreciated
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      That's very interesting, and thank you so much for the feedback paul
      I wasn't expecting that. I guess I've always thought the all in one seo pack was the greatest thing since sliced bread!

      not that it was my opinion, but it seems to be so frequently/commonly
      offered as an seo solution, but then again, maybe it just happens by chance to be the reading material that I happened to have focused on ....

      anyone else agree with paul's assessment ?
      or that the seo all in one hasn't made much difference?


      Originally Posted by Paul Barrs View Post


      I don't know the definitive answer, but I do use it and have been for a year or so.

      You'll find where you have it on individual pages / posts that you also have the option to disable for that page or post - therefore, you can over ride the 'global' settings for any individual page or post.

      I use it as a very simple way of doing that 'extra bit'....

      For example; if I have a 3-word keyword phrase that I'm targeting, I write about it in the post. I'll also use those 3 words in the All-in-one SEO title section, the description and the meta tags area.

      Does it make a big difference? No. It simply allows me a little more control over individual posts and pages and how they might appear.

      The biggest difference for SEO is use of the Simple Tags plugin - which I also use - and I give each page a 'tag' using the same 3-words that I'm targeting for that page. Doing this tends to get me far better results where the auto-generated 'tag' page shows up in the SERPs.


      joint venture podcast - Google Search

      autoresponder podcast - Google Search

      article marketing podcast - Google Search

      In each of these results you should see my domain ( somewhere on the 1st page with the 'tag' following - assuming of course that Google isn't spewing me personalised results! (Shouldn't be)

      Hope that helps.

      Paul Barrs
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        Great info Paul Barrs!

        I've never used the All In One SEO plugin for Wordpress, but I have used SEO Ultimate (the WP plugin) which I got some pretty good use out of. I mainly just wanted to be able to control my meta and titles for individual posts.
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