Have i got this right re: keywords for different site types/adsense?

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A few Q's re: keywords, have i got this right? (im using Market samurai)
I have an information website where i sell my primary service - criticalconditioning dot com & a commercial website - more money yesterday dot com - for my 1st site do i:
just need to establish relevant, high traffic, low competition keywords for my info site (i sell my services, no adsense, no affiliates)?

For my commercial (adsense) site, i need to relevant, high traffic, low competition, high commercial value keywords?
Do i use these same keywords in my adsense account, or just use relevant, high traffic, low competition keywords to generate traffic & use the high commercial value ones as the keywords i add in adsense account to add to their value?
...or have i missed the point of having high traffic but noone "buys" (clicks on ads)?
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    There are a few things that it seems like they migh tneed a bit more explanation in your question.

    You have 2 commercial sites. if you are selling your services on one an dhave adsense on another , thos eare both commercial sites.

    I don't really understand what you mean be adding keywords to your adsense account.

    To start with, to help your sites get going, easy keywords would be high search, low comp type keyword phrases, in both cases.

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