Google catches bing copying results

by paulgl
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Big news making the rounds today if you did not hear it:
Google Uses 'Spy-Novelesque Stunt' to Catch Bing Cheating -- Daily Intel

It's a pretty good read.

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    Hi Paul,

    You'll find some more discussion about this in the main forum -

    Google has been chasing the tail of Bing on quite a few changes they've implemented into their search engine so this is probably a case of 'why didn't we think of that?!'.

    Bing have access to Facebook data too now...

    Listening to what a user thinks should become more widely used in search engines int he future and it looks like Bing is leading the way.

    Does anyone know what the Google Toolbar is doing?

    I'll just add that as my sites become 'better' (my own opinion) the % of traffic from Bing is increasing.
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    No offense to you Paul (OP), I think you know how I feel about Matt Cutts.

    If it wasn't for my Adsense I would kick G to the side of the road! :p

    Google can't say a word about anyone copying content/data, Google is all about scraping everything the post.

    Who was the first to come up with the current Bing/Google image search? It was Bing, & a few months later Google copied/followed Bing!

    Don't get me wrong, Bing blows at search, & calling it' SERPs a ghost town would be putting it nice, but Google is phony trying to call Bing out.
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