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I was going to post here looking for advice to push my page from no 16 to no 10 but I just checked my SERPS and my site has fallen from position 16 (page 2) to page 23
When the site was first indexed it was on page 13

I dont know what has happened
I have been backlinking slowly
The day before yesterday i liked my hub pages to it and did a bit more manual blog posting.

I was trying to decide if I should do more automated stuff but was afraid of been slapped by google but hey they have done that anyhow
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    Relax, it is natural. Google hasn't figured out where to put your site yet, so this might happen. No need to get worried unless your site disappears from the Google index altogether.
    Time of thinking is over.
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    Just keep posting fresh, uniqe content and don't stop backlinking. If you stop now it WILL look unnatural.
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    Keep watching it - it is probably going to keep jumping around for a while, especially if it is new (a few months old still counts as new, by the way). Google is toying with new algorithms now as well, so that might account for part of it.

    I wouldn't start worrying yet.. wait a week or so and if your site hasn't come back up into the top three pages, look into stopping any automated methods that could get you slapped down.
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      I you're witnessing the big G's dance.

      I have this happen to most new sites. Best thing to do is carry on as has been mentioned.

      I'm assuming it as new site?

      Wibble, bark, my old man's a mushroom etc...

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      I had the exact same thing happen to a site of mine last year. It went from around 20 to 40 for my main keyword. I thought that I had screwed something up. But guess what? I didn't do anything differently and about 2 months later it was back to 20. Now (about 6 months later) its on 1-3 for that keyword.

      I think being patient - especially if it's a new site is important.
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    Ok Thanks for that
    I dont really want to wait to 6 months for it to be on page 1
    Its a low competitive keyphrase

    On a plus side article base has just gotten back to me accepting two of my articles
    That might help
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    Don't panic.

    Site jump around all the time. I was just looking at some of my ranking earlier and some keywords jumped down 30 or 40 postions before coming back even stronger. Some even left the index for a few weeks before re-entering at a better postion.

    If your site has started to move around it means that Google is starting to pick up all that hard work you've been doing link building, which can only be a good thing.

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    ok some good news my site seems to have moved back up to page 2 still need to get to page 1 and increase traffic but good news

    also my hub page I created targeting the same keywords appears to be on page 1 at no.7
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    The Google dance is the most gut-wrenching thing the first time it happens to you. The best advice I read on this board regarding it was to have more than one site going at a time, so when it happens you have other things to worry about other than biting your nails over your rankings.

    Worked for me.
    "Keep moving forward."
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    It's called the Google Dance.

    Bear with it and keep building your links. You'll soon be climbing your way back up.


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