Adsense Paying 50% More as of Feb 1

by TZ
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Thank god that long "Adsense Winter" is over, and the Adwords advertisors have opened their wallets again. As usual, when Adsense starts paying more, it comes at the first of the month.

Not accounting for some advertisor budgets depleting at the end of the month - I've factored that in.

On Feb 1 all accounts and channels seeing a lift in ECPM. All other values close to the same. CTR is up a bit too, but nothing crazy. Basically earnings per click way up.

It's been three days like this now, so I don't think it's a 2 day bubble, and usually Adsense bubbles only last 24 hours. When you see 3 days in a row, that usually means the advertisors, or Google have opened their wallets because of the niche season.

Anyone else seeing changes up or down, or around?
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