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Is linking from some of your own sites (to other sites you own) bad?

I never did it, but i see competitors who do it.

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    I have no proof for my methods here, but outside of linkwheeling, I never link money site to money site. I heard that it was bad a while back, so I just got in the habit of not doing it. Sometimes I'll mess around and link mini sites to other mini sites.
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    Because I am not do anything that would be regarded as a "link scheme" I just link when it makes sense.
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      I have a few that are linked, but it's only because they have similar topics/ are related in some way.
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      • Yeah, only do it when it makes sense to link to the other site. Google isn't dumb, they see that both sites are hosted on the same IP, though there are many sites on the same IP on shared hosting accounts so it's a "depends" kind of question. Don't overdo it and you'll be fine, also don't do closed linkwheels with your money sites.
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        If they are on the same IPaddress or similar Ipaddresses then it probably is some thing to avoid.

        If they are on seperate Ipaddresses but registered with the same details avoid

        different ipaddresses, different ownership details yes it's not a problem

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          Two major sites come to mind. Icanhasceezburger and gasbuddy.
          All major sites, many different domains, all interlinked, all on the
          same IP. The gasbuddy is a myth buster for sure, as literally
          dozens of sites (well over 100), nearly identical, all interlinked.
          As far as the stupid cat pictures, well, that empire is all interlinked
          as well, the failblog empire, almost 40 sites.

          I don't know why this is the biggest secret in SEO. Valuable links
          from your own sites.

          You'd be a fool not to.


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    It would cripple progress if folks couldn't link to another domain of their own whether on same IP or not and invoke favoritism! I'm thinking Microsoft which link to multitudes of their own sites hosted on same IP. I see no reason why it would be counter productive for you or SE's. SE's will value your links like everyone elses.

    I'll say it over and over again until it sinks in...Google or other SE's would never use favoritism in their algorithms!

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    google and other search engines pretty much discount residual links, so there really isn't much point , It won't hurt , but doesn't really help. ( and also the pr you count have passed along to another site or inner page is lost)


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    Lol, at the guys over analyzing.

    OP, If the site is related link all you want, I do!
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    It is interesting to read comments on this question.

    I link between sites but only if they are related. A site about dogs for example is not going to gain a great deal of value from hot wheels.

    Link wheels are not bad as long as they make sense. However, should they fail to make sense you could lose the whole resource in a single bound. Therefore, I don't recommend linking directly to your money site but rather make a chain of sites and provide link wheels down about 3 or 4 levels.
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