Dont Trust Market Samurai - Search Numbers Waay Off

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Dont trust the search figures you see in market samurai Keyword Research Module.

When you input a new keyword to find related keywords then go to the keyword research module thats the only time you get correct numbers as in the numbers are the same as the adwords keyword tool..

BUT after you click analyze keywords to get Competition and Adwords figures the majority of the Search numbers decreases across the board.

Check it out and make a note of a couple different keyword search numbers before you click the "Analyze Keywords" button and see the drastic difference in the search numbers (which shouldnt change) afterwards.
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    I use it extensively and find it very useful. I will check next time.

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    MS gets its data from GKT, which will also jump around.
    I have yet to find a keyword tool that was accurate.
    Better to use them as a way to gauge one keyword against another.
    Even then it gets sketchy.
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      How are your filters set? Are they on "Golden Rule" or no filter or some other custom filter setting? Maybe that's the difference.

      Find something to enjoy about reality. It's not going to go away.
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        Hmmm...I haven't noticed it. Be sure you cross check any promising keywords in Google Keyword tools - and to make sure the location is set correctly. The GKT does match up to the numbers I get for impressions in Google Webmaster Tools.
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    I wrote earlier than I noticed a dramatic drop overnight in the SEOT number from one of my keywords:

    "Same deal here, I have a keyword that previously received 91 exact SEOT daily. Now it recieves 3 exact SEOT daily, practically overnight. The Google Keyword tool didn't change it's volume. Also, no seasonal changes here either. I wish I had an answer for you. "
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    Ive received reply from their support and they acknowledged the problem apparently they get the keyword numbers from 2 different sources.

    The numbers dont only go down they go up too. For this one word that said 79 exact searches a day after I click analyze keywords it changes to like 1300 searches per day. If you dont pay attention you wouldnt probably notice it.

    Try doing a search for plumbers in MS you would notice Joe the plumber has 217 exact match searches per day until you click analyze keywords then it changes to around 160 along with more than half the list.

    I have had to open MS on two computers just to do keyword research, with one copy on the initial keyword research numbers and another where I look at competition and adwords figures because after those numbers are retrieved the search numbers are now different.
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    I've had this issue and was shocked across the board my exact/monthly searches were mostly cut in half if not more.

    oh well, time to find better keywords.
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    They have been way off for the last 100 kw's I searched on there.

    Somebody oughta shoot them an e-mail.

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      This is nothing new guys I have re installed every version of MS back to 0.87.1 from last year trying to find a working version and they all have the same issue.
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        Originally Posted by digitalpimps View Post

        This is nothing new guys I have re installed every version of MS back to 0.87.1 from last year trying to find a working version and they all have the same issue.
        so would you just say most numbers are just low?

        I've hear people don't even use filters and just use the numbers as a relative indicator for traffic and income. i can live with that as long as there is SOME traffic.
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        • Just double checking, but you guys know that the figures they throw out are for what the the site ranked NO 1 in Google can expect?
          If you run the same keywords in the Google keyword tool, you will see a number. If you take 46% of this number it should be pretty close to what MS is giving you.

          MS uses the google tool to get it's data and then works on the stats that estimate a site ranked number 1 in Google gets around 46% of the traffic.

          For me where MS really comes in handy and is worth it's price tag is for the SEO module. The ability to reverse engineer a site is worth a lot more than $97!
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    That was the conversation that I had with my coach
    a bit ago. Think that MicroNicheFinder is doing the same
    crappy stuff.

    The search information varies widely compared to Google
    keyword tool. Personally, I trust Google┬┤s tool and think
    that MNF is still showing older results. It sucks.
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  • The tools are only as good as the Data source they pull from. Google has the most relevant data and they are not sharing it in the way that would be most useful.

    So if you want to do market research get an adwords account and use the Google Tools... it takes more time but it works.
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    Most of MS stats I believe come from Google Keywords tool which isnt that reliable, there are many reports of it showing search volume only for people to get to page one and get no traffic. I always check in MS and then cross check in Google Keywords and look at the Alexa ranking for the sites in the top 10, this gives a very rough indication (although alexa ranking means very little) it there is any traffic for this keyword.

    Coming soon!

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    This is the response I received from MS support when I asked about the inconsistent SEOT numbers. It looks like others have alluded to this in the thread.

    "The cause of the strangely inconsistent results is a discrepancy between the Google Keyword Tool and the Google Traffic estimator, both of which are different features within the Adwords Tool.

    When the Adwords tool was first released, the data for the Keyword Tool and the Traffic estimator was identical, and so Market Samurai is engineered to draw from both sources, depending on how many keywords are imported and depending on what data is being sought.

    However over time, the two tools have started to produce differing results, including in some cases no data being returned at all from one tool and data being returned from the other for the same keyword.

    When this occurs, Market Samurai displays the information that Google has given it, but in doing so it appears to be displaying incorrect data.

    Now that we are aware of this, we are working to have Market Samurai consistently draw certain pieces of data from one tool or other so that we can offer our users consistency of data.

    I can't give an ETA on this, however half of our development team are working on this update - it is our top priority".
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      So which one are we to trust, Keyword Tool or Traffic Estimator?
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    Didn't you know that these tools are fetching data from Google also?
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    i seem to get good result with the tool. well best is you can dig in to your competitors websites so much that you know a to z about there site. which is amazing.
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    I think this tools is the best to make good keyword in your can see your competitions and cost perclicks and other best way to make good keyword list
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    I absolutely LOVE Market Samurai...but...before purchasing new URLs we always do a double check on the numbers. We've had periods where the traffic and CPC do NOT match up with what shows up in the Google Keyword Tool and we make adjustments based on that double-check.
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