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Hi Everyone,

I'm *very* new to SEO, but I've heard that a good domain name can make a big difference when it comes to rating well for a specific keyword.

Can someone offer some advice in the following situation:
Lets say I am trying to sell an ebook that cures "StinkEye", a painful medical condition that causes the eyes to bulge.

I've found a keyword phrase that for whatever reason gets lots of hits and has very little competition: "Bulging the eyes". I would *really* like to rank well for this.

First off, that is tough grammer to work with, compared to "bulging of the eyes" or just "bulging eyes" (both of which have lots of competition).
First question: Is this phrase worth going after in spite of its bad grammar?

Next, I'm assuming that from a Search Engine's perspective, the domain name "" as a perfect keyword match gives the maximum credit towards ranking, let's call it 100%

What would you guess would be the relative effectiveness of the following domain names in my effort to rank for the search phrase "bulging the eyes"? = 100%

Last question: Once you select a domain name, how would you go about ranking for an awkward phrase like this?

For example, would a well written article using gramatically correct closely related keyword phrases like "Bulging in the eye" and "how to stop bulging eyes" have any merit for rating on "bulging the eyes"?

I could imagine an article titled: "Stinkeye - How To Stop Buldging in the Eyes" but I'm concerned it would only give me credit towards the highly competitive phrase "Buldging in the eyes".

Any advice is appreciated!

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    Hi Psi, you are pretty much on the ball here.

    Get the domain with the least amount of letters for your niche.

    Com, net or org are all equal in my book, but users will usually prefer the .com, so try to maintain this.

    It's hard to evaluate your selections, but I'll try, the reason being, is that search engines do not count connector words, like in, or the, so here goes, off the cuff: = 100% =99% =90% =100% =95% =30% =70% =10% only singular keyword eyes =40% very long =50% (sounds like a blog) =10% singular keyword again

    I would personally rank over, and see how much better it reads in lower case.

    Your article method is most likely the best solution, make sure you post a few articles on directories, like linking back to your site., and .org are available, I would take them both, even if you only develop the .net, this stops your competition.

    Your articles, and keywords in them, will rank you for your other choices, like stinkeye.

    Another angle to consider is your customers state of mind, they may be searching for bulging eye cure, or bulging eye problem, this can be laser targetted on your article pages.

    Good luck,

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    Before I could really answer this question I would need to do some analysis with a tool like Micro Niche Finder to determine the strength of my competition and the power available within the keyword phrase in question. Then I would select the best keyword phrase and build around it with on-page SEO strategies as well as high powered link building techniques that will drive any and all keyword phrases that I want to rank for to my site organically through associated search engine results.
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        Hi all,
        Nice post.Yes, Domain name is very important in seo. And it's helps for getting high position in search engines. I will follow your tips while choosing the Domain Name.
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          Thank you very much for your reply, Pete!

          That was extremely informative. I did not realize "connector" words are ignored. That general rule will be very valauble to me.

          Do you recommend getting the domain name with the least amount of letters mostly because it keeps the keyword "undiluted" in the eyes of the search engine, or is it more to make the domain easier for a humans to remember?

          Your evaluation on my my domain variations was extremely appreciated.

          If the correct words are used in the wrong order, do they still count?
          For example if "BulgingEyes" = 100%, what would "EyesBulging" be?

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      The example is just a "what if". I am looking for the relative strengths of domain names to a keyword when all other things are equal just to get a feel for how search engines think.

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    i would focus on the keyword you want, but if it just sounds weird or hard to write about your on page SEO will suffer.

    personally, take them both, bulgingeyes and BlugingTheEyes as .com and build a quick minisite. I won't cost you much to test the market and just automate all your off page seo.

    Your own testing will prove to be the best indicator if it's good or not.
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    PsiCat, I use the 11 letter rule, because search engines have been ssen to rank these domains better. This was shown to me some years ago by Nathan Anderson.

    And it makes sense, when you think that they are shorter, so easier to remember, this is a strong indicator in domain appraising.

    I would not move away from the correct word order, bulging eyes sounds like a medical condition, eyes bulging sounds more like a childrens story description at first glance.

    A click is won, or lost in a micro second of human brainpower, first impressions count massively.

    Just think like your customers, and you won't go far wrong.

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      @PSICat Can you answer my few off topic queries related with the domain link given in the signature i.e. allthingspsychicdotcom ?

      If yes than please shed some light why your domain's selling copy page shows up on endless pages of domain( psychicxdotinfo/killer-psychic-ills-mp3/ ) while its original content shows up in its' page source. Google can catch it with right content( webcachedotgoogleusercontentdotcom/search?sourceid=navclient-ff&ie=UTF-8& ) while its snap shot (preview) property shows up hacked version of site that shows your selling copy.

      And also do answer one more query since it appears you are quite expert with SEO thing. How in the world do such kind of practices can earn a person good profit considering present scenario of Google strictness with such things?
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