what should I do to improve Page Rank of my website???

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Hey warriors,

I am facing a big trouble while I am trying to increase Page Rank of my website. I have built 3000 backlinks over last 5 months. But unfortunately still I see page rank of my website is 0!

I have created profile backlinks,
Bookmarked backlinks and websites each page.
Pinged backlinks with RSS feed.
Did 1000 forum posting.
Blog commenting
Article and press release submission with anchor text. etc.

But still no result. Can any one give me some advice to increase page rank of my website.. ??? (dies) (dies)
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    Have you installed wordpress in your site.If not do that and post some unique content related to your niche.

    You can also try three way link exchange.
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    Err... I wouldn't worry about this too much. Many of my sites have thousands of good backlinks, excellent rankings, and yet no PageRank.

    Focus on rankings, no PR.
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    Some of my pages are PR0 but outrank high PR pages. So why are you worried about PR?
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      Google does love WordPress,... so it would be great if your whole site was built on the WP platform.
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    why would you care about the PR?
    do you feel a high PR will make you #1 in your given keyword?

    In the last month google did a PR readjustment. They don't change PR of all sites all of the time.

    Instead of worrying about the page rank just get good backlinks and dominate the SERP.

    cause in the end is it more important to have a high PR or high SERP? I'm sure you know the answer to that one.

    plus... I've hit top 3 for many keywords with PR0 sites.
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    Try to get good PR back links and keep building them daily. also go for edu and gov backlinks because google loves them
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    Google Pagerank hasn't been updated since long.

    Pagerank is a meaningless concept as of now. Try focusing on your search engine rankings (SERPs).
    Are you targeting very competitive keywords?
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    The quality of the links matters. Thousands of low quality links are useless, maybe that's one reason why your PR is still 0.
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      Originally Posted by khenmhike View Post

      The quality of the links matters. Thousands of low quality links are useless, maybe that's one reason why your PR is still 0.
      I was about to ask the same thing. Profile links, blog posts, article submission, etc... may simply be giving you links from PR0/PRna webpages.

      Also most likely all your links are from NoFollow pages therefore Google won't factor them into your PR ranking.

      Check the links, make sure they're high PR webpages, not simply a high PR website. Also make sure they're DoFollow.
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    keyword optimization. figure out how people are searching for your product/service and utilize that in content, link titles, etc.
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    This is not the first time I have heard this. More than one person has told me that website created after July of last get are seeing no PR...not that PR is necessary. I have experimented and found that the only thing PR is good for webmaster who rent links.

    Focus on relevancy...i.e. contextual, keyword-rich backlinks.

    The day Google started releasing toolbar PR was the day the irrelevancy began to infiltrate the web.

    I've had plenty of websites with PR. Looking back, it never did a thing for me.
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    Search engine ranking is important for any business. You must use SEO to increase your ranking on search engines. Also try to create links to your site. Link building helps you to get traffic. As late links you will get better placement in searches and traffic. So its double profit.
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    For me pr is less important and I would suggest that focus on your google rankings. As what you've said just continue your off page optimization. It will takes time to have pr.
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    Are your 3000 backlinks from quality sites or PR0 and PR = n/a sites...I usually find the best way to increase PR is to get links from other high PR sites...that link juice will eventually flow to your website.
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    Ask about the same thing happened. Profile links, blog posts, article submission, etc. Just to give you the links to PR0/PRna Web pages. Also NoFollow pages with links to the most likely would not be all so Google pr ranking factor to them. Check the links, they are just high pr web pages, make sure that high pr web site. Also make sure that they are DoFollow.
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