Social Bookmark "Approach" 4 Different Niches?

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Hello Warriors!

I know there are many ways to promote a site or an article.
For the moment I'm focusing on "Social Bookmarking" promotion

(seeking "experienced" feedback please)

I'll be promoting;
  • articles that I place in article directories (various niches/subjects)
  • sites/blogs (have about 7 and creating many more)(various niches/subjects)

Things I know about SB sites
(honestly not much!);

  • Need lots of backlinks from different/various Social Bookmarking sites
  • Need at least one account for any given Social Bookmarking site
  • I can setup an account, easy enough

My concern

Having/Promoting from a single account on any given SB site, since my sites/blogs and articles are in these
different niches, most unrelated, however some are similar....the "approach strategy" is my confusion

(My question) Do I want to;

  • create multiple accounts for each SB site I promote on?
  • creating different "pseudonyms" for each?
  • Pretend I'm "joe average" who just happens to like all my sites and articles?
  • Should my account/profile explain these are my sites/articles I link to?
  • should I create just one single account on whatever SB site(s) I'm using?
  • Should I link to "anything and everything I can" and my stuff will simply be "sprinkled" in the mix?
  • Keep things separate, or one big "Misch Mash Hodgepodge"?

or some mixture of the points I just mentioned?
or some other approach that I may not even be thinking of?

I'm not sure what my basic approach should be............?

I'm Hoping to find someone who can impart a logical idea, maybe you've had a similar challenge yourself,
because you also have a variety of blogs/sites, or articles promote?

(surely I can't be the only one with this question

I certainly appreciate any feedback you might be willing to offer

Dano~ warriors matties!
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    You are headed in the right direction. In fact, most of your approach is perfect.

    Let me tell you what I'm doing and what's working for me...

    I setup backlinks and link those pages on sb sites.
    Yes, I use multiple accounts for each social bookmark site.
    I setup three accounts max per social bookmark site.

    What I will do is mostly link my blogs/articles to the social bookmark
    sites for many purposes, you are creating better rankings around your
    external sites that link to your main pages. This is a great approach, stick with it.

    I Wouldn't do this...
    I wouldn't really worry too much about being specific in your profile about your niche.
    Maybe you should mention that you are an environmentalist or full time reader.

    I wouldn't submit your main sites to the sb sites.

    What I think...

    I think if you don't act too promotional, you shouldn't worry
    about the admins removing your links and banning your accounts.

    Focus on submitting your blogs/articles/backlinks

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      thank you very much jack,

      jack do you worry about the whole "gotta change my ip because it's a different account thing?"

      or do you only worry about that when you are initially setting up the account? but not once you've done
      the initial setup you don't change ip's? (no one ever talks about that?)?

      Do you "throw in" other sites or link to other things as well, so it's doesn't
      look like they are all going to your stuff?

      I mean doesn't google see that (at least as far as my sites) that they are all
      on the same "host IP" and therefore will not give you rank juice?

      I didn't throw "articles" into the same bunch, because they are not your
      "host IP" however don't they still see all your links "interconnected" in a sense?
      or is that "too broad" for them to "connect the dots" when they are spread
      so much?

      I noticed you didn't make any mention of those things, I was curious


      Originally Posted by designerjack View Post

      You are headed in the right direction. In fact, most of your approach is perfect.

      Let me tell you what I'm doing and what's working for me...

      I setup backlinks and link those pages on sb sites.
      Yes, I use multiple accounts for each social bookmark site.
      I setup three accounts max per social bookmark site.
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        any others experienced with another viewpoint
        or able to add?

        thank you very very much!

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          anyone else have any experience at this?

          going once, going twice.....

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    Hi Dano1981,

    One thing to keep in mind is the word "social" in Social Bookmarking. These bookmarks are meant to be shared with actual real people.

    I realize there are many folks that are pumping out accounts with nothing but links to their own website. At some point most of these services are going to clean things up and purge those accounts as web spam.

    A slightly different approach, that I recommend, is to create social bookmark lists that are well organized around a topic of interest and useful to other folks that might have a similar interest. Naturally, you'll want to do this for topics you are interested in and if you have built a blog or website on the topic then of course you'll want to include some of those bookmarks as well.

    Create lists that are valuable to real people and you won't have problems with SB services, provided you follow their TOS. Some SB services do not permit multiple accounts, while others do. Be sure to read and follow the TOS for each service else you may find a lot of hard work disappearing.

    Read and respond to other members that have similar interests. Share ideas and bookmark lists. Participate in the communities where appropriate. In other words, be social.

    A good place to start is with Once you've created an account and built your lists of bookmarks there you can export that list and then import it into many of the other services out there.

    When you create bookmarks for your own websites be sure to optimize the titles, descriptions and tags with your targeted keywords. This helps those lists to be found by people who are interested in the same topics. The thing you should be shooting for is targeted traffic, so keep each list tightly focused on relevant bookmarks that will be useful to real folks.

    If you really want to shine in the SB world then write useful descriptions for your bookmarks. You don't need to hype or use a promotional style, just a short and to the point description of what you can do at the website and perhaps why someone might find it useful.
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      Thank you very very much burk for taking the time and giving a thoughtful very relevant response and information.

      I didn't know you can get deleted , so that is good to know.
      I've heard the as you mention, it shouldn't be all "self promotion"

      and that the idea of "appearing" as a viable member with more than just your own stuff to reference, is not only helpful but will make you part of the community and therefore not only add tho the SB site, but as well give you real sustainable juice....

      thank you again burk! very much appreciated
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