Big Mistake with adwords- where did my site go?

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I should have known better but I attempted to send adwords traffic to my existing website a couple of weeks back. I have done this before but I don't leave the campaign going all of the time. This time my ads were rejected. Reason given ... bridge site. No problem I don't need to do this anyway it was just a test. Anyway that's what I thought. Next my site which was 2-3 on page one for around 8 months isn't even on the radar when I search the keywords. My pages show up when I do a on Google so I assume its not de-indexed. I did email the Google eng. who turned my ads down and he said that the two departments were independent of each other and so he couldn't pass comment! Does not seem to be a coincidence though. Would appreciate some input from you experts.
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    Sounds rather unusual. It's possible your site was de-indexed even though it displays your wesite when you type the url in the search box.
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    Thanks for your reply, I am not sure about that but reading other posts
    in this forum it appears that this sort of thing happens from time to time.
    Google is probably upgrading its algorithm.

    I would like to get some other opinions on this though it a little unsettling
    when your traffic drops like this.

    If you are sick of the this space!
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