LSI, a way to use it effectively

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I think some folks misunderstand LSI and how to use it. It is not keywords alone like a search term. What LSI represents is the words associated with a given topic or keyword phrase.

Goto Free LSI Keyword Research - Searches the Top 10 Results In Google For the Best Theme Keywords the free LSI research tool. Type in the "keyword phrase" you are interested in Ranking for.

The tool will return the words and phrases that Google thinks represents that topic as seen on the top 5 to 10 websites returned for that keyword phrase. If you use lots of those words and phrases in your writing, Google will think your site will also be about that topic. GET it!

So if the top 10 sites on 'keyword phrase' all use 'House' and 'Home', your site better as well or Google will not think it is as relevant as those other sites and therefor rank you poorly.
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