Silly Question...Indexing my site's content before I submit it elsewhere

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I understand that its important to index my content on my site before I submit it to any type of directory.

Here's the semi-silly question....what exactly consists of 'indexing'?

My understanding is bookmarking/pinging & submitting the url to google...I normally do this while its awaiting approval for ezine.

Whats proper protocol. I'm trying to put together my assembly line of production.

Love to know what veterans do to get their content indexed for their site 1st then elsewhere. will I know that my site's content is indexed?
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    When someone tells you to get it indexed on your site first, that simply means that the search engines are aware of the page on your site.

    You can see which pages are indexed on your site by using this search string:

    The results will be all the pages on your site that Google has seen and included in their index.

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    If you submit to directories the main thing is that you would be likely to be approved. If there is nothing there, or seems little effort has been put into the site, I generally don't approve the listing.
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