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Hi Guys,

I use a lot of on page SEO strategies to rank quickly in niches and have had success in getting number 1 rankings in strategic areas even before link building etc...

However, looking at the short term i'm wondering if i should be link building to the home page using keyword anchors, or if i'm better off linking to appropriate pages within the web site.

If PR is only done per page then i'm thinking my short term (read: 6-12 month) strategy should be links to the home page, then my long term strategy might be to incorporate deeper nested pages with my link building strategy.

Does that sound optimal to you or should I be taking a different approach?
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    I think pagerank is pagerank no matter how you send it to your site. You should focus on which pages of your site will be a true destination, not just an SEO optimized page, but a destination in terms of the bounce rate and the activities that occur by the user on average when they come to the page. When you have this part right, you can do very well with lower traffic levels which you may have in the short term. The long term will be better for you if you see it the right way now because you will get repeat traffic as a result of how well you did with your destination pages.
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      I would build backlinks to your pages, using targeted keywords as anchor text for those links. If you have many links pointing to internal pages of your site, this will increase the authority of your site, even more then links to your main site.

      I would also use internal links, linking your individual posts to each other. If you build up any pagerank these internal links will help "flow"the pagerank to your other posts.

      Best of luck,


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