How many of you are actually outsorsing Backlinks!!??

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Hey all,

I would like to know, how many of you are actually paying for SEO services. such as Backlinks??? I think doing Backlinks by your self can be very boring!!:confused:

If you are using some SEO services, which company's do you use for that??
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    I outsource SEO service as building links myself is not worth my time I never outsource it to companies because companies charge too high. I just find some individuals who do well in certain SEO works and outsource the work to them.

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    I too outsource it because I just can't stand doing it all the day long...once a while I will build a few though
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      I havent got into outsourcing linkbuilding yet, but I can envisage a time when I would. Outsourcing content mainly at the moment. I use some of the better auto linkbuilding tools and that is a real time saver, especially when you can set and forget.
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    Outsourcing the work is ok, but it should some one who really has proved their ability...
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      Originally Posted by unitedsolutions View Post

      Outsourcing the work is ok, but it should some one who really has proved their ability...
      Yes there are some good outsource services here. And yes Backlinks is a really pain in the A... job
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        i dont outsource but i do seo work.if anybody interested ping me.i do all works in link building
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    You can do it through outsourcing. There have so many very professional people working as freelancer in may outsourcing sites like oDesk, vworker, guru, etc.

    You will be able to find out the good people for doing backlinking for your site.
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      I've successfully outsourced blog commenting on oDesk in the past. It can be quite cost-effective (I find) but you need to ask for samples to make sure they are posting value-added comments to other blogs (not spam!) and a full link report at the end to you can verify this.
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    Anyone can do seo if they are interested and it is not boring that is the wy of gaining quality backlinks.
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    I hate backlinking and would certainly like to find a decent service at some point. Unfortunately most so-called 'SEO companies' seem to just be some guy with a copy of Scrapebox - that's NOT my idea of SEO and I would NEVER hire anyone who used spammy tactics to promote my site, and I am not sure how to trust anyone I did hire. So I think that narrows the field down a lot unfortunately...

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    If you mean outsourcing, yes I'm doing plenty of that
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