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How do I check if a new blog. blog post or other article has been indexed by google??
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    Just google your url, if it comes up with no results it has not indexed yet. Make sure to add the http:// part
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    Go to Google and type '' It should show all the pages that Google has indexed. As for articles, Google the URL
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    For a blog search for the blog web address in a google - yahoo - etc.

    For a blog post or article you can do as above or instead put the blog
    or article title in "quotation" marks and do a search.
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    just type the complete url of that particular blogpost on google...if you get the result for it then it is indexed and if you don't get any search result for it its not indexed...
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    Search in google ""

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      I seem to do this differently from everyone else (maybe because I always want to know about more than just Google): I paste the url in here.
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    The best way is to go to google and type this:

    to see all the indexed pages.

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    Thanks everyone for some very valuable information. I am always amazed by the helpful information that is forthcoming when I ask a question on this forum
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