Does Yahoo Answers Actually Work for Affiliate Marketing

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Recently I got this new software then helps you to get traffic to your affiliate offers using Yahoo Answers. Does this really work? Don't want to waste time using it if it won't deliver. Any thoughts on this?
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    It can actually work well.

    It doesn't work for the majority of people who try it, because they use "spammy" approaches, don't study the terms of service carefully enough, and end up getting banned.

    You need a level-2 account and a certain point-score before using clickable links, and will still be removed if you do it too often. But the traffic and backlinks can both be quite good if you go about it carefully with the emphasis always on adding value to Yahoo's site. It's the same principle as posting on anyone else's site under any other circumstances: always look at their perspective first and yours as an aftethought and you'll stay out of trouble.

    There are many threads here discussing the advantages and pitfalls: try a search for threads with "Yahoo" in the title-line - that'll pull up some interesting threads. And good luck if you try it.
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    It works amazingly well. It can be boring as hell posting so I'd suggest outsourcing it to someone who knows what they're doing.
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      Yes, it does work. And it is boring like the previous person posted but you can get some traffic from it. But only try to focus on answering queries from recent posts, don't waste your time going back to old posts from 2 years ago. You don't want to come across as a spammer.
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    I have used it and it has not worked for me. I think I have to try harder at it though yet I have been focusing on other things.

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    I agree with all the comments. It DOES work, you do need a level 2+ account to have a link included on your answer and it is boring to do yourself.

    If your interested in testing yahoo answers as a traffic method but don't have a level 2+ account or don't have the time or patience to do it....check out my signature.

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    You need to be careful about your postings so that it does not look spammy in the eye of Yahoo or else your account will be suspended in no time. My account was suspended although I have been posting useful contents on ONE niche.
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    I have a site that I have been building slowly for a couple years. About a year or year and a half ago I began answering questions in Yahoo related (mostly related) to my sites niche and although I haven't made many relevant comments to my niche for many months now, it is amazing just how much traffic I still get from it. I think it was worth my time. I did it all myself. No outsourcing.
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    I wouldn't use software. It can be okay for affiliate marketing, I'm going to try it next week, but I won't use software anyway.
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    I´ve had tremendous results by using for outsourcing Yahoo Answer posts
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